Acid reflux Cause, Symptoms, and some home remedies

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Acid reflux

Acid reflux is a problem associated with the digestive system. Its main center is the stomach. According to experts, when the stomach acid starts to be excreted more, or there is a problem of acidity in the stomach, it is called acid reflux. During this time, acid comes from the food pipe to the throat. Sometimes food starts coming out as vomiting. Especially newborn babies remove it immediately after drinking milk. This occurs due to acid reflux.

Symptoms of acid reflux

Symptoms of acid reflux may include subsequent symptoms-

  1. Chest irritation (in this case, a burning sensation is felt between the throat and the stomach, which starts especially after meals).
  2. Esophagitis
  3. Bad smell
  4. Flatulence and belching
  5. Fall ill
  6. Pain and/or discomfort during swallowing
  7. Spit up suddenly
  8. Feeling like a lump in the throat
  9. Dental diseases become more severe
  10. Frequent lung infections
  11. Long sinus
  12. Feeling like sore throat after getting up in the morning
  13. Chronic throat pain
  14. Laryngitis or strangulation
  15. Swollen gums
  16. Teeth worms

Some home remedies for acid reflux

There are many reasons for this problem, among which are an empty stomach, untimely eating, lying down eating food, smoking, overeating, etc. are the main ones. For this, a person needs to pay special attention to his food and lifestyle. Be sure to consult a doctor in case of repeated problems. While in minor symptoms you can adopt these easy remedies. You can get relief soon. Let’s know-

Eat papaya

Papaya is very beneficial for the stomach. This makes the digestive system strong. Whereas all stomach disorders disappear. According to experts, papaya contains a high amount of fiber, which always keeps the stomach full. This does not excrete excess stomach acid. You can consume both raw or ripe papaya. It is a digestible fruit.

Chew celery

If you are troubled by chest irritation and stomach acidity, you can use celery for these problems. For this, you should chew celery. While for quick rest, fry celery and grind it and mix it with water and eat it. You can get the rest soon.

Fennel is beneficial

Often you have seen that people consume fennel after meals. It is very beneficial in terms of health. Many nutrients are found in it, which are beneficial for the stomach. Especially for chest irritation, indigestion, indigestion, abdominal cramps, or pain, the panacea is a medicine. For this, you can only take fennel and sugar candy. Whereas, for instant relief, consume syrup containing fennel powder.

Cause acid reflux

Some common factors increase the risk of acid reflux such as-

  • Eating certain foods like citrus fruits, tomatoes, chocolate, mint, garlic, onions, spicy foods or fatty foods, etc.
  • Drinking certain beverages such as alcohol, tea, coffee, and carbonated beverages
  • To smoke
  • Taking certain types of medicines like aspirin, ibuprofen, muscle calming drugs, or blood pressure medications
  • Eating large amounts of food or lying down immediately after having meals
  • Obesity or excess body weight
  • Eating snacks at bedtime
  • Pregnancy
  • Acid reflux problem becomes more serious in situations like anxiety, etc. of some people.

Medications course acid reflux

There are also some medications, which further aggravate the condition of acid reflux, such as-

  1. Some pain-relieving drugs such as ibuprofen and aspirin.
  2. Blood pressure medications called calcium channel blockers.
  3. Antihistamine drugs are used for allergies.
  4. Sedative drugs including benzodiazepines.
  5. Certain types of antibiotics including tetracycline.
  6. Oral Osteoporosis Medicines.
  7. Anticholinergic drugs are used to treat many problems including problems such as COPD from the operative bladder.
  8. Opioids drugs.