Benefits of guava: Advantages and disadvantages of guava

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Benefits of eating guava

Benefits of guava: The scientific name of guava is Psidium guajava. Many believe that guava should never be distributed. If a person is eating guava, give him full food. It is believed that there is one seed in the whole guava, which improves the immunity system and prevents colds. Although it is okay to have an immunity system better than guava, there is no scientific basis for the seed thing.

There are many types of guava, such as apple guava, Allahabad White guava, red gooseberry, speckled, etc. Not only varieties but guava also have different names in different languages, such as Guava in English, Peyara in Bengali and Peru in Marathi, etc. Now is the time to know the benefits of guava.

Benefits of Guava for Control of diabetes

Guava contains a high amount of fiber which improves the absorption of carbohydrates and maintains stability in insulin levels. According to studies, guava prevents the body from suffering from type-2 sugar.

Benefits of Guava for Eye health

Vitamin A is extremely important for eye health and guava is a very good source of vitamin A. It also prevents cataracts, macular degeneration, and other eye-related disorders. It is so capable of improving vision that once the deterioration of vision starts, it can improve it.

Benefits of Guava for Cancer

One of the biggest advantages of adding guava to your daily diet is that it proves to be an increase in the growth of cancer cells. A lot of research done in this field proves that guava leaf oil is more efficient than modern medicines in stopping the development of cancer. Since guava is a good anti-oxidant and is rich in lycopene, it is also very helpful in reducing and preventing prostate and breast cancer. Besides, guava contains four times more vitamin C than oranges, which empowers the immune system and gives it the ability to fight cancer.

Guava in strengthening the digestive system

Guava is rich in vitamin C, carotenoids, and potassium which make the digestive system strong and improve its functions. Besides, guava has good anti-bacterial properties and is alkaline, thus preventing diarrhea and dysentery.

  • To treat diarrhea, mix one handful of rice flour in one or two glasses of water and boil 30 grams of guava leaves in it. Drink this decoction twice a day.
  • Boil guava leaves and root at 90 degrees Celcius for 20 minutes to treat dysentery. Drink this juice and get relief from dysentery.

Benefits of guava fruit in thyroid

Guava is an excellent source of copper that controls the production and absorption of the thyroid and improves thyroid content with its nutrients.

Benefits of Guava for Relieve constipation

Guava contains a very high amount of fiber which makes bowel movement very easy. Its seeds act as a laxative and not only improve digestion, but also help in cleaning the intestine.

Benefits of Guava for Brain development

Guava is an abundant source of vitamins B3 and B6 which greatly nourish blood flow in the brain and improves cognitive functions. Consuming this makes your mind healthy, as well as improves your attention.

Beneficial of Guava in high blood pressure

Nutrients of guava not only reduce high BP but also control cholesterol. It is a good source of potassium which is very helpful in stabilizing blood pressure. Also, a high amount of fiber is found in it which helps in lowering blood pressure.

Medicinal Properties of Guava

According to Ayurveda, guava is an astringent, tasty, heavy, cold, acidic, Vata-pita sedative, spermatorrhoea, pungent, craving, worm, unconsciousness, confusion, mania, inflammation, asymmetrical antipyretic fruit. It is best to clear constipation by clearing the stomach. Eating after meals improves digestion and eating before meals is beneficial in diarrhea. Winter fruits are more powerful and satisfying.

According to Unani medicine, guava has a cold first degree and a second-grade warm nature. It is best in removing rashes, contaminated ulcers, and swelling of gums.

According to scientific opinion, water 89.9, carbohydrate 14.9, protein 1.5, fat 1.2, mineral-salts 1.8 percent are found in the chemical composition of guava. Apart from this, adequate vitamin ‘C’, calcium, phosphorus, and iron are also found. Guava leaves contain resin, fat, lactose, tannin, flammable oil, and mineral salts.

Disadvantages of eating guava

When it comes to the disadvantages of eating guava, nutritious guava is one of those foods that has almost no side effects. Only that you need to take a little extra care during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Don’t eat too much guava at this time! During this time, only 1 to 2 guava should be eaten. Let’s know what can be the disadvantages of eating more guava.

  • Consuming more guava can also cause problems like bloating, flatulence, and gas.
  • People who are cold or whose digestion is weak should eat guava less. Such people do not digest it properly and cause harm.
  • Eating more guava can cause stomach upset because it contains a high amount of fiber.
  • Not the only guava, its leaves can also cause side effects. Pregnant women should especially avoid consuming them.
  • Excessive consumption of guava leaves can cause anemia, headaches, and even kidney problems.

The right time to eat guava

Let me tell you that guava is the best time in the morning to eat even though you can eat before you eat it at noon or later. If you want, you can also eat it for breakfast on an empty stomach in the morning. But keep in mind that you do not drink water immediately after eating guava.

The right way to eat guava

Eat this fruit are lots of ways, it is eaten, can also be consumed as fruit juice, and can be eaten with chopped black salt. You can make a healthy breakfast by cutting guava into small pieces and adding them to your salad.

Let us tell you that these guava losses are only when consumed in large quantities or wrongly if you eat guava carefully and with caution then guava loss can be avoided. Guava is one of the simplest fruits, which is beneficial, cheap, and easy to get. And it is also the most nutritious for you. Guava contains a sufficient amount of vitamin C, which benefits from eating guava in many diseases, so start eating guava from today.