Benefits of Strawberries and How to eat strawberries

Jagdish Tandia


Benefits of Strawberries, Uses, and drawbacks

Strawberry fruit with a near heart- suchlike texture wouldn’t be wrong to be called the most attractive fruit. This bright red-varicolored fruit is as succulent as it’s healthy. Its juicy sour-sweet taste is important and liked by the people. Together with this, its aroma also makes it different from other fruits. During this composition on Stylecrase, we’ll tell you about the benefits of eating strawberries and the different ways of eating them. Before knowing the Benefits of Strawberries and disadvantages of strawberries, allow us to know about the types of strawberries-

Sorts of strawberries

There are multitudinous sorts of strawberries, but they will be mainly divided into three corridors-

June-Bearing: this is often the most common and popular type of strawberry. It’s considerably cultivated everywhere in the world. Its fruits generally grow in June. Talking about the superb kinds of June- bearing strawberries, these include Earliglow, Honor, Allstar, Jewel, etc.

Ever-Bearing: Another sort of strawberry is Ever-bearing. still, it’s not evergreen like the name. It’s produced twice a time- in summer and spring. The best-known sorts of the Ever Bearing type of strawberries are Laramie and Ozark Beauty.

Day-Neutral: Strawberries found throughout the summer are called neutral. Day-neutral strawberries are considered the foremost succulent strawberries.

Allow us to tell you that hundreds of kinds of strawberries are set up each over the world. Of these, Chandler, Tioga, Selva, etc. are generally cultivated in India.

Benefits of strawberries

Strawberries have antioxidant parcels and polyphenol mixes, which may prove salutary for your health. Vitamin- C present in it is also helpful in taking care of your skin and hair. Allow us to know in detail the benefits of Strawberry-

Helpful in Weight Loss

Strawberry may be a low-calorie fruit, which you’ll also consume for weight loss. There are only 50 calories in one mug of strawberries. Also, after eating fiber-rich strawberries, your stomach remains full for an extended time. You’ll reduce your weight by including strawberries in your diet while avoiding dangerous snacks.

Benefits of Strawberries for Vital sign

The benefits of strawberries also include controlling blood pressure. Potassium is about up in a cornucopia in strawberries, which helps reduce the difficulty of stroke by controlling blood pressure. Additionally, the answerable fiber present in strawberries reduces bad cholesterol( LDL), which helps control blood pressure.

Benefits of Strawberries to Brain Health

You can also keep your brain healthy by consuming strawberries. Consistent with a study, the flavonoids present in strawberries may help amnesia with age. Piecemeal from this, the natural antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory parcels present in strawberries keep your mind stress free. Also, help in fighting conditions associated with the brain.

Helpful in boosting immunity

Still, also strawberries can facilitate your If you want to increase your immunity by eating succulent fruits. Vitamin-C present in it improves the immunity of your body. You’ll be surprised to know that in a mug of strawberries, farther vitamin C is set up than in oranges.

Benefits of Strawberries for Men

The benefits of eating strawberries are multitudinous. It’s considered especially salutary for men. Strawberry contains an aphrodisiac element, which has been considered helpful in adding sexual exhilaration. Piecemeal from this, the consumption of strawberries has also been considered salutary in incapacity. Still, fresh disquisition is demanded on this.

Benefits of Strawberries in gravidity

Women need Spare amounts of vitamins and calcium during gravidity. Particularly, it’s extremely important to require the amount of folate( a type of vitamin- B), which strawberries are rich in. Folate is believed to be helpful in gravidity. It can work to scale back problems like birth scars. Birth scars include poor growth of the baby thanks to lack of nutrients, weight loss, malnutrition, and other problems associated with the baby. How important prenatal vitamins should be included within the diet, surely take the opinion of the croaker.

Helpful in Treating Constipation

Strawberry fruit benefits also include relieving constipation. Strawberry is rich in fiber, so it can help treat constipation. The fiber present within the fruit is also helpful in relieving digestive problems.

Benefits of Strawberries for Vision Health

Strawberries can convince help to maintain your sight. The antioxidant parcels present in it can convince help cover you from cataracts and other eye conditions. Consistent with one study, adding the quantity of flavonoid conflation( quercetin) present in strawberries in your diet can help you help cataracts as well as meliorate vision health.

Benefits of Strawberries for Cholesterol

Strawberries contain pectin, which may be a type of answerable fiber. It reduces the position of bad cholesterol within the body. Therefore, by including strawberries within the diet, you’ll also avoid cholesterol-related heart conditions.

Helpful in guarding against cancer

Strawberries are often a panacea for a deadly complaint like cancer. Consistent with a disquisition, strawberries have cancer precautionary and cancer remedial parcels, which may show effective goods in the prevention and treatment of cancer. Also, the chemo-precautionary parcels present in strawberries can work to prevent the spread of cancer cells. Research also found that strawberries can also prove salutary for bone cancer.

Benefits of Strawberries for Heart Health

Strawberries are rich in polyphenols and antioxidant properties compounds. Strawberries can improve your heart problems and may also help keep your heart healthy. For this reason, it’s recommended to eat strawberries three times a week to maintain heart health. At the identical time, strawberries are considered to be the foremost healthy fruit for the heart and have been placed in the category of heart-healthy fruits.

Benefits of Strawberries for Dental Health

If you would like to make your teeth whiter without harming them, you’ll use strawberries. This fruit can work to whiten teeth naturally. Strawberry rich in vitamin C removes the yellowing of your teeth and prevents the assembly of enzymes that cause plaque and tooth decay by causing bacteria in the teeth.

Benefits of Strawberries for Bone Health

Strawberries can convince be very beneficial to keeping the bone strong. Strawberries are considered under the berry and therefore the berry has been considered helpful in maintaining the health of bones weakening due to aging. Additionally, the magnesium present in strawberries makes bones strong.

Helpful in Treating Puffy Eyes

Eating strawberries is additionally beneficial for eye problems. Strawberries contain a special acid alpha hydroxy, which works to melt the skin, and may also have a positive effect on swollen eyes. However, exact scientific evidence isn’t available on how effective alpha hydroxy acid will be for puffy eyes. Still, you’ll use strawberries for swollen eyes in this way.

How to use:

  1. First of all, keep a strawberry in the fridge for a while to cool down.
  2. Then cut it into thick pieces.
  3. Now you’ve got to apply a piece of cold strawberry to both eyes for 10 minutes.
  4. Do this remedy twice a day till you get relief.

Controlled blood glucose Levels

Strawberries have a really low glycemic index so they can help control blood sugar levels. Strawberry is extremely beneficial for diabetes-2 patients. Confine the mind that eats only whole strawberries, because while whole strawberries can benefit, their juice also can harm. You’ll also use strawberry powder to control blood sugar.

Helps Reduce Inflammation

You can also get relief from arthritis by consuming strawberries daily. The polyphenols and nutrients present in it can reduce both inflammation and pain within the knee. Aside from this, strawberries can also prove helpful in reducing gingivitis caused by vitamin-C deficiency.

Benefits of Strawberries for Skin Health

Strawberries have many benefits for the skin. It contains many polyphenols, which act as effective antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. It contains a crucial element called anthocyanins. Thanks to this element, the color of strawberries are red and shiny. It’s also beneficial for the skin. This element works to guard the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. This is often the reason why strawberry extract is used in many cosmetics.

Benefits of Strawberries for Anti Aging

Anti-aging is additionally included in the benefits of strawberry fruit. Strawberries help in maintaining the glow and tightness of the facial skin which tends to diminish with age. Vitamin-C present in strawberries helps to maintain skin moisture along with improving the complexion of your face. Strawberry works to scale back facial damage caused by free radicals. Together with eating strawberries, you’ll make a paste and apply it to the face.

Benefits of Strawberries to Prevents hair fall

Strawberry also can prove to be a boon for hair. It’s very important to pay attention to your diet to keep the hair healthy and prevent it from falling. Lack of Vitamin-C in the diet also leads to hair fall and breakage. In such a situation, by consuming strawberries, you’ll prevent hair loss. To stay hair healthy, you’ll make a hair mask by mixing the strawberry paste with olive or coconut oil and some honey. This may reduce hair fall as well as add a natural shine to the hair.

How to choose strawberries and preserve them for a long time?

Selection: While selecting strawberries, confine in mind that this fruit should be bright red. You’ll also check them by pressing them lightly while buying them to see if they are juicy or not. Avoid buying dried, shriveled, or wilted strawberries. If strawberries are stained, do not buy them.

Store: You’ll store strawberries in your refrigerator. You’ll also store them in closed plastic containers or in open plastic bags to retain moisture. Ensure you don’t wash the strawberries before storing them, or they’re going to spoil more quickly. You’ll store it for up to 7 days.

How to eat strawberries

Strawberries are very tasty, you’ll include them in your diet in many ways. Strawberry is usually used in desserts and ice cream because of its sweet and juicy taste. Its extract is additionally used in a variety of products. Know other tips to eat it-

  • Strawberries are often eaten straight and cut and eaten.
  • You can eat strawberry slices by adding them to salads.
  • You can eat strawberries by making mousse.
  • The benefits of strawberry juice are also many. you’ll also consume its juice.
  • You can use it to garnish the soup.
  • You can make strawberry jam and eat it with bread.

Everyone’s way of eating strawberries is often different. Therefore, aside from the above tips, you’ll include them in your diet in many other ways as well. Many new experiments also can be done with this. This fruit is so nutritious that you simply can eat it anytime.

You have known the benefits of strawberry fruit and the ways to eat it, but excessive consumption of it also can harm you. Allow us to know, what are often the disadvantages of strawberries-

Disadvantages of strawberries

There is no harm in eating strawberries rich in nutrients, but excessive consumption can affect your health in this way instead of benefiting:

When eating strawberries, confine mind that it is high in fiber, so excessive consumption also can cause diarrhea, gas, and cramps.

A lot of vitamin C is found in strawberries. Consuming an excessive amount of it can cause cramps in your stomach. Also, it can worsen the condition of individuals suffering from hemochromatosis (accumulation of excess iron in the body).

Excessive consumption of strawberries can increase the quantity of potassium in your body. If you’ve got too much potassium, you’ll have to face heart-related problems. additionally, you’ll also have hyperkalemia, which may lead to muscle weakness and paralysis.

Strawberry is popular everywhere in the world because of its nutritional value. You’ve got already known the secrets of health hidden in it, so you’ll include this fruit in your diet without any delay, but while consuming it, you want to also keep in mind the harm of strawberries. Consume it in balanced quantity and share this text with others and tell everyone about the benefits of strawberries.