Benefits of Wet belt, Wet belt disadvantages and how to apply

Jagdish Tandia


Benefits of Wet belt in stomach disease

The pelvic bandage is helpful in the diagnosis of all diseases. Especially in the diagnosis of diseases of the digestive system, the Benefits of Wet belt prove to be a panacea. It is also helpful in the treatment of all diseases of the stomach, new chronic inflammation of the stomach, chronic dysentery, insomnia, fever, ulcers, back pain, and reproductive organs of women. Apart from this, it provides special benefits in the treatment of kidneys and liver.


Squeeze a strip of thin cotton cloth one foot wide and 1 to 1.5 meters long in water and wrap it up to two inches above the entire pelvis and navel and wrap a warm cloth on top.

Time duration: The above bandage can be applied on an empty stomach in the morning for 2-2 hours. Can be applied at night before sleeping. Leave the bandage on overnight. The bandage can be applied even 2 hours after a meal. By applying this bandage, you can do your regular work by wearing clothes from above. After applying the bandage, then remove the bandage, warm it with a wet towel or palm by lightly massaging the pelvis.

Special Precaution: Patients of cold nature wrap the bandage by heating the first pelvis of this bandage with hands or with a hot water bag. A cold-natured person can use this bandage only for 2 hours.

Benefits of Wet belt Miraculous in genitals

Wrap Vasti, which gives miraculous benefits in various diseases of the pelvis, chronic constipation, irregularity in menstruation, diseases of reproductive organs, weakness, and incapacity of genital organs, is the wrap of the state. Its regular use is beneficial not only in the above diseases but also in many diseases.


Squeeze a wet cloth and wrap it on the area. If there is a feeling of coolness in the area, then warm the said part with a hot water bag. Now wrap a warm cloth over this wrap. This experiment can be done for one to one and a half hours.

Main Caution: After using this bandage once, this bandage can be used again after washing it thoroughly with soap and drying it in the sun. Since the bandage absorbs foreign matter, it can cause skin diseases if the bandage is not cleaned properly. A normal healthy person can do the above bandage once a week.

Benefits: There is a miraculous benefit in stomach diseases.

Benefits of Wet belt in Throat Diseases

This is a pack that gives miraculous results in throat diseases, by doing this, the benefits start immediately. Its use is beneficial in sore throat, swelling of the larynx (tonsils). In fact, the wrap around the neck, the wrap of the peduncle, and the wrap of the Vasti region, and other wraps are similar to a hot-cold bandage in a way. Especially in the case of cough and sore throat, doing it gives immediate benefits and when these disorders create a disturbance, especially in the patient, then doing this wrap gives immediate benefit and sleep is also good because of the said disorder. Because of which we get freedom from restlessness.


Wet a cotton cloth 6 inches wide and about one and a half meters long and squeeze it well. Wrap it around the neck. Wrap the warm cloth (muffler) well on this wet wrap and pack it well to cover the wet cloth. This wrap can be done for 1 to one and a half hours, but it can be done in the advanced stage of the disease for a longer time. At the end of the wrap, clean the throat thoroughly with a wet towel.

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