Best cancer fighting diet plan and Cancer Treatment

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Best cancer fighting diet plan

Best cancer fighting diet plan

Cancer is a disease, which is controlled in time, then it is possible to prevent it, but people see it as an incurable and deadly disease. Aspects of our society, whether it is media, films, or literature, have termed cancer as a fatal disease, but the truth is that not everything that appears on TV or in advertisements is true. There are many techniques added to modern medicine for the Cancer treatment of cancer, which has not only increased the success rate but also improved the quality of life after cancer treatment. Know about the Best cancer fighting diet plan.

Changes have come in the cancer treatment

People who do not have medical knowledge or who are not associated with the medical field, those people still know about some of the techniques in cancer treatment of cancer such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, etc. But today cancer is being successfully treated with other techniques other than these.

Cancer treatment Chemo id therapy

This therapy works according to the patient, that is, every patient is different, so his cancer treatment should also be different. Cancer cells from the patient are taken for examination and those cells are used as stem cells. After this, chemo drugs examine their cells to get better results, and then the medicine that is made is given to the patient. The advantages of this therapy are that it –

  1. Protects patient from hits and trials.
  2. Hits and trails save money.
  3. Hit and trail don’t cause pain.
  4. The results have been better.
  5. Saves time for both patient and doctor.

Cancer treatment Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy was considered risky, considering it was not very good. It was said about radiation therapy affects the cancer cells as well as damages the healthy cells of the body. Modern medical technology has debunked all the misconceptions and introduced the pinpoint position technique. This technology confirmed that radiation therapy would only kill cancer cells and would have no side effects. Also, Read- How does cancer start

Intensity-modulated radiation therapy

This technique, known as IMRT, has also been available only through modern medicine, in which linear accelerators and appropriate radiation are applied to the patient’s cancer under computer control. This technology went a step further by ensuring that while killing the cancerous cells, it would provide such protection that the cells around the cancer would not be affected. This technique is used to treat prostate cancer, brain cancer, and neck cancer.

Image-Guided Radiation Therapy

Image-guided radiation therapy, also known as IMGT, detects the movement of cancer in the body, and its size, and detects if the cancer is growing. After identifying cancer, it does its work according to its size and its growth rate, due to which other healthy and normal cells are not harmed. This therapy has been used successfully for lung cancer, liver cancer, and prostate cancer.

Three-dimensional confirmation radiation therapy

In this therapy, a machine is used which in medical terms is known as a wide-bore CT simulator. This machine is also used for Onchoridology. It helps doctors create a three-dimensional map of cancer and its surrounding cells, making the job easier.

Cancer treatment High-dose-rate

There is modern medical technology to prevent cancer, which is known as the high-dose rate. It uses a catheter to eliminate cancer cells from radiation, which gives direct radiation to cancer.

Best cancer fighting diet plan

If a disease like cancer is not taken care of in time, then cancer proves to be an incurable disease and then even doctors become helpless. Regardless of the type of cancer, proper diet plays an important role in fighting cancer. What are the foods, which can be fought against cancer by including in the diet –


Broccoli is one such plant that can protect against cancer. Cauliflower has glucosinolate properties which produce protective enzymes in the body. These enzymes have a property called sulforaphane, which removes the effective defects of cancer from the body.


Tomatoes contain a large amount of lycopene, and this lycopene property prevents the growth of endometrial cancer cells so that cancer does not grow in the body.


Ginger has properties that help break cancer. Ginger has anti-oxidants as well as anti-toxin properties that work to inhibit cancer cells. Ginger is helpful in prostate cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer, and colon cancer. Ginger greatly reduces the discomfort caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy during cancer treatment.


Everyone knows how beneficial turmeric is. For external injury to the body, if it is to clean the accumulated dirt inside the body, then the use of turmeric is recommended. Turmeric contains the chemical curcumin which can eliminate cancer cells from the surface and cancer does not increase its scope due to the consumption of turmeric.