Chandraprabha Vati: Uses and Benefits of Chandraprabha Vati

Jagdish Tandia


What is Chandraprabha Vati?

Chandraprabha Vati (Chandraprabha Vati, also known as Chandraprabha Gulika, Chandraprabh Vatika) is a very famous and useful Vati in Ayurveda. Its name also reveals its qualities. Chandra i.e. Moon, Prabha i.e. its radiance, i.e. Chandraprabh Vati, produces moon-like radiance or radiance and force in the body. Therefore, Chandraprabh Vati is also given along with other medicines in almost all diseases causing physical weakness.

Uses And Benefits Of Chandraprabha Vati


Chandraprabh Vati is Beneficial in Diabetes

Swami Ramdev (Patanjali) uses Chandraprabh Vati in diabetes. It reduces the passing of sugar in the urine.

Chandraprabh Vati cures kidney-related disorders

Due to kidney failure, the production of urine is very less, which causes many diseases in the body and due to deformity in the bladder, burning sensation in urine, burning in the pelvis, red color of urine or excessive odor, in all these Chandraprabha Vati is excessive. is useful. This increases the efficiency of the kidneys, which clean the body. It removes the elements like increased uric acid and urea from the body.

Chandraprabh Vati is beneficial in urinary disorders

This Vati is a very beneficial and famous medicine for urinary problems and semen disorders. Burning in urine, intermittent difficulty in passing urine, sugar in the urine, albumin in the urine (albuminuria), inflammation of the bladder, and weakness of the lingual organs.

Increase physical and mental strength with Chandraprabh Vati

Regular consumption of Chandraprabha Vati increases physical and mental strength. It reduces fatigue and stress due to little exertion, brings energy to the body, and increases memory. It is used as a complete health tonic. Along with this, Lodhrasava or Punarvasava should also be used. Apart from being a tonic, Chandraprabh Vati also works to rid the body of various toxins.

Benefits of Chandraprabh Vati in Semen related diseases

Due to excessive loss of sperm in men or excessive menstruation in women, the body’s luster is destroyed, the color of the body becomes yellow, the body gets tired quickly with little exertion, the eyes get sunken, loss of appetite, etc. Using Vati gives benefits. It confirms raktaadi dhatu. It increases the sperm count, purifies and manufactures blood cells. In the case of nightfall or weakening of the semen channels, it should be taken with the cup of Guduchi.

Use of Chandraprabha Vati in gynecological diseases

It is also good medicine for gynecological diseases. It removes the weakness of the uterus and makes it healthy. Consumption of Chandraprabh Vati works as a panacea in the problems of an enlarged uterus, its neoplasm, frequent abortion, etc. It removes uterine diseases and strengthens the uterus. In all these, Chandraprabh Vati should be taken with Ashoka Ghrita or Phalghrit.

Chandraprabha Vati is also a good pain reliever

Chandraprabha Vati is also a good pain reliever. Due to its uric acid-reducing properties, it reduces and eliminates joint pain, gout, rheumatism, swelling of joints, etc. Its consumption also cures menstrual irregularities in women and gives relief in pelvic pain, back pain, etc.