Fatty liver: symptoms of fatty liver and best home remedies

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Best home remedies for fatty liver

Fatty liver is also called hepatic steatosis. In this case, excess fat gets stored in the liver. These deposits interfere with liver functions and slow down the production of bile juice and insulin required by the body. In some severe cases, the liver may be permanently scarred and slowly cause liver failure. This is a fatal condition known as liver cirrhosis. You can get rid of fatty liver problems quickly by using home remedies with medicine.

Symptoms of fatty liver

Fatty liver mainly has some symptoms that indicate its onset, the main among them are-

  • Pain in the upper abdomen- This is the main symptom of this liver disease, in which there is a pain in the upper abdomen of a person. In this situation, he may also need to take pain relief medicines.
  • Loss of weight- If a person loses weight fast enough, he should get it checked by a doctor as it can be a symptom of fatty liver.
  • Yellowing of skin and eyes- Many times the problem of accumulation of fat in the liver also occurs in the condition when a person’s skin and eyes turn yellow. In this case, a person should check his health to confirm that he does not have fatty liver problems.
  • Swelling on the stomach- In this problem, some people have pain in the stomach as well as swelling there. For this reason, if any person has swelling on the stomach, it should be reported to the doctor.
  • Redness of palms- Often, there is a change in the palms of people due to fatty liver and its color turns red. If a person sees this change, he should inform his doctor so that he can examine it.

Stages of Fatty Liver

  1. Steatosis – This is the most common and early stage of the disease, which is known as Simple Fatty Liver. In this situation, a large amount of fat accumulates around the liver, which can be identified only by medical tests.
  2. Steatohepatitis – This is a serious stage of the disease, also known as Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis. In this problem, there is swelling around the liver and in this case, the person needs medical help.
  3. Fibrosis – When inflammation in the liver causes more tissue to form in the liver and surrounding blood vessels but continues to function normally, the condition is called fibrosis.
  4. Cirrhosis – This is the most fatal stage of fatty liver, in which the liver shrinks and it worsens. If a person reaches the stage of cirrhosis, then the only option for liver transplant remains.

Home remedies for fatty liver

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider ejects toxic substances from the vinegar liver. It helps in making the liver healthy. Drink a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of lukewarm water and drink it every morning.

Lemon for Fatty liver

You can also use lemon to treat fatty liver. Lemon contains vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant and can prevent liver cells from radical damage. Squeeze half a lemon in a cup of water and drink a spoonful of honey and drink it daily in the morning.


Turmeric contains an element called curcumin that can protect liver cells in the event of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Take a glass of water and keep it to boa il. Now add a pinch of turmeric to it. If you want, you can also add lemon juice to it. After mixing, consume this lukewarm water every morning.


Amla is infused with vitamin C which helps to keep the liver clean and prevent further damage. Amla has a phytochemical called quercetin which can reduce the oxidative stress of liver cells.

Take two to three amla of medium size and cut them into small pieces and separate the seeds. Now add some water to it and take out the juice by blinding. Drink this juice with a glass of hot water.


Cinnamon is the most effective drug for fatty liver. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce the inflammation in the liver caused by excess alcohol. Put two to three sticks of cinnamon in a glass of water and boil the water. After two to three minutes, filter the water and drink it every morning.


Linseed is not only better for digestion but also protects against fatty liver. Reduces the damage to the liver by reducing the oxidative stress on the linseed cells. You can take flaxseed as a powder. You can also add flaxseed powder to water or salad.

Dandelion tea

Boil four to five dandelion flowers in one cup of water for one to two minutes. Now filter and drink this water. Dandelion contains powerful bioactive compounds that can lower cholesterol levels in the body.


Orange is a healthy fruit filled with vitamin C and antioxidant elements which helps in keeping the body healthy by removing the toxins present in the body. In the problem of linseed fatty liver, you can eat all the fruits that contain high amounts of vitamin C. Eating one or two oranges daily will be very good for you. Also, fruits rich in fiber help in removing toxins from the body. They are very good for liver health. Such as papaya and pineapple help in the problem of fatty liver disorder. People with fatty liver disorders include these fruits in their diet.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is used in many liver-related diseases. It is also very beneficial in the treatment of fatty liver disease. For the benefit of fatty liver disease, you should take Pridin Aloe Vera juice. Consult a doctor for the dosage of aloe vera juice according to your health.

Licorice root

Licorice is a useful herb that has many health benefits. The licorice helps reduce the high activity of the enzyme associated with the liver. It protects and protects the liver from toxins and inflammation. Boil the root of licorice in a glass of water for 5 minutes and drink it twice daily.

In this way, with the help of these home remedies, you can definitely eliminate or reduce the problem of fatty liver.

Fatty liver diet tips

Add drinks to diet- You should drink plenty of water. Water keeps you hydrated and helps your body detox. Consumption of water is also considered very good for the liver. It is important to keep in mind that you drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water throughout the day.

What to avoid eating

some things can increase the risk of liver diseases. To keep your liver healthy you should avoid eating some things – sugar, fried things, white bread, more salt, red meat. Along with this, the consumption of alcohol should also be completely stopped.