Health Benefits of Nigella, Uses of Nigella, and Disadvantages

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What is Nigella? and Health Benefits of Nigella

Health Benefits of Nigella– Black seeds or nigella seeds are also called “seeds of blessing”, as they are considered the most important physician herb. These black seeds are found in Nigella seeds bushes, which are grown all over India. These seeds are almost as large as sesame seeds, although their shape is triangular compared to the oval. Apart from the best medicine, Nigella is an excellent spice, which is used in pickles as well as traditional dishes.

Abundant Nutrients in Nigella

Nutrients are abundant in Nigella. Nigella contains 35% carbohydrate, 21% protein, and 35-38% fat. It contains 100 more important nutrients. Nigella contains essential fatty acids 58% omega-6 (linoleic acid), 0.2% omega-3 (alpha-linolenic acid) and 24% omega-9 (cephalic). It contains 1.5% magical flyable oils, the main ones being Nijelone, thymoquinone, Cymine, Carboni, LimonIne, etc. Nijelone has anti-histamine properties, it loosens the muscles of the respiratory tract. strengthens the immune system, and cures cough, asthma, and bronchitis, etc.

Vitamins in Nigella

Thymoquinone is a strong anti-oxidant, anti-cancer, anti-germ, anti-fungal, liver protector, and improves the imbalanced immune system. In technical terms, its effect is immunomodulatory. The nigella contains minerals like carotene, vitamin A, B-1, B-2, niacin, and C and calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, selenium, and zinc. There are 15 amino acids in nigella seeds, of which 8 are essential. These are the components of proteins and make up proteins. They build and repair cells.

There are a total of 20 amino acids in the body, out of which essential 9 cannot be made in the body, so we have to take them only by food. Amino acids are a source of energy for the muscles, brain, and central nervous system, building antibodies and strengthening the defense system, and aiding in the metabolism of organic acids and sugars.

Health Benefits of Nigella

Egyptian scientist Dr. Ahmad al-Qagi did a lot of research on nigella going to America, he studied all the texts of Islam to know the history of nigella. He believed that the nigella, which cures every merge except death, should have a deep connection with the defense system given to us by Alla Tala to fight diseases. He conducted experiments on patients with AIDS to study the relationship between this seed and our defense system. They proved that giving regular fennel, garlic and honey capsules (which they called Konigar) to an AIDS patient increases the number of T4 and T-8 lymphatic cells that protect the body. American institutions allowed him to manufacture this medicine in limited quantities.

So let’s know about the health benefits of Nigella seeds and Nigella Oil-

Health Benefits of Nigella to Increase Memory Power

Older people have less memory than adults. Nigella is used to increase memory power and concentration. Besides, it is used to increase alertness. It can help increase memory by mixing a little honey with nigella seeds. And if it is drunk in warm water, it can also help reduce problems like asthma in children and young people. But to get an effective effect, you should consume it for at least 45 days.

Health Benefits of Nigella for heart-related diseases

Nigella is used to treat many heart-related diseases. For its use, mixing half a teaspoon of Nigella seeds oil in one teaspoon of goat milk and drinking it for 1 week daily makes the heart strong and reduces the risk of a heart attack.

Nigella is the best home remedy for skincare

The Nigella seeds are also used to remove acne, skin eruptions, and dry skin. It fights the bacteria that cause boils and pimples and helps in making the skin clean, well-groomed, and shiny. By using it, the spots get erased from the face and your skin looks young and bright.

  1. Make a paste of honey and nigella and apply it on your skin for half an hour. After washing you will see a different glow in your skin.
  2. For a problem like acne, make a paste by mixing nigella and apple vinegar. Apply this paste on the affected area and wash off after 10-15. Take this remedy regularly.
  3. For dry skin problems, make a paste by mixing Nigella seeds powder and sesame oil. Use it for a week to see good changes.

Nigella oil prevents from hair falling

Nowadays both women or men are troubled by the problem of hair loss. And hair loss is caused by nutrition in the body and lack of proper nutrients. In such a situation, the antioxidant and anti-microbial properties present in Nigella oil strengthens the hair roots and prevents them from falling.

Methods of use- Massage the scalp daily with oil of Nigella seeds. Apart from this, making a paste of Nigella seeds and applying it to the head also makes hair roots strong.

Nigella seeds reduce the risk of breast cancer

Today, cancer has become the biggest disease in human life. Health Benefits of Nigella to prevent the growth of tumors and reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Ways to use- To prevent early cancer, mix 1 teaspoon of Nigella seeds oil in a glass of grape juice and take it 3 times a day. Doing so can prevent growing cancer. Along with this, Nigella seeds are also helpful in reducing the risk of blood cancer, bowel, and throat cancer.

Nigella prevent diabetes and to cure health

Nigella Health Benefits-Nigella seeds are considered to be the most important to prevent diabetes and to cure health. The oil of Nigella seeds is effective for people with diabetes. It is beneficial in the prevention and control of diabetes.

Ways to use- Mix half a teaspoon of Nigella seeds oil in a cup of black tea and drink it daily in the morning and evening. By doing this for 1 month, you will see the effect.

Health Benefits of Nigella to increase eyes light

Eye disease can occur at any age. In this case, the use of Nigella seeds oil is the best home remedy to increase the light of the eyes and treat the eyes. It helps relieve problems like redness of the eyes or watery eyes. Besides, it also cures diseases like cataracts.

Ways to use- Mix 2 teaspoons of Nigella seeds oil in a glass of carrot juice and drink it twice in the morning.

Health Benefits of Nigella For kidney health

The Nigella seeds and Nigella seeds oil can improve kidney health. The kidneys are the most important organ of the body which helps in purifying the blood. But kidney stones and infections can affect health. The oil of Nigella seeds helps in curing these problems.

Ways to use- Mix 1/2 teaspoon of Nigella seeds oil, 2 teaspoons honey, and 1 cup of hot water together, drink this mixture twice a day. This will help in curing kidney pain, stones, and kidney infections.

Health Benefits of Nigella for women PMS problem

White water, painful menstruation, irregular cycles, and other PMS problems are common in most women, but it is still not considered good to discuss these problems in some parts of India. Nigella Health Benefits for women who are troubled by problems associated with PMS.

Ways to use- Mix some mint leaves in 2 cups of water and allow it to boil well. Sieve the water, add 2 teaspoons of powdered sugar, and 1/2 teaspoon of Nigella seeds oil. Drink this mixture daily for 40 days before breakfast.

Disadvantages of Nigella

  1. People with pitta dosha, who cannot tolerate heat and spiciness, should not consume it.
  2. It can cause irritation or malfunction in some people.
  3. Because it can bring menstruation quickly, women who have too much menstruation should not consume it.
  4. It is good to avoid its intake during pregnancy. Children and lactating mothers may take it in limited amounts.
  5. Because it can lower blood pressure levels.