Janushirasan Process of Janushirasan and benefits

Jagdish Tandia



Janushirasan Yoga is a Sanskrit word, it is made up of two words, in which the first word is ‘Janu’ which means ‘knee’ and the second word ‘top’ means ‘head’. Janushirasasana is part of the primary series of Ashtanga yoga. It is a seated posture. In this posture, the head touches your knees completely. Although this posture looks similar to the headstand, it is very different from it. This pose intends to fold the body so that your head reaches closer to the knee. This yoga posture helps a lot in keeping our body healthy.

Process of Janushirasan

  • Sit with the legs spread straight towards the front, keep the spine straight.
  • Fold the left knee, keep the sole of the left foot near the right thigh, the left knee should remain on the floor.
  • Breathe in, raise both hands above the head, pull, and rotate the waist to the right.
  • Exhale, lean forward from the hips joint, keeping the spine straight, extend the chin upward.
  • If possible, grab your toes, place the elbow on the ground, pull the fingers forward.
  • Hold your breath. (Maintain status)
  • Breathe in, exhale while exhaling, bring your hands down from your armpits.
  • Repeat the entire process with the right leg.

Benefits of Janushirsarsan

By doing this asana, your abdominal muscles are strengthened, with this asana spreads to the small and large intestines of your stomach. Which strengthens the digestive system. It eliminates the problem of constipation in your stomach.

  • It also removes the problem of flatulence and abdominal bloating.
  • Insomnia, sinusitis, and high blood pressure are also cured by practicing this asana. Janushirasasana keeps the mind calm and also keeps it from mild tension.
  • Strengthens the spleen and gall bladder and keeps them healthy.
  • It stimulates the liver and kidneys and improves their function. It increases blood flow to the abdominal area and promotes kidney function.
  • Body temperature helps in reducing the cold from our bodies. If you do Janushirasasana properly then it prevents you from getting a fever. Apart from this, this asana quickly cures inflammation in the gland due to the flu.
  • Performing this asana provides a good stretch to the groin, hamstring, and shoulder.
  • This asana improves the function of the reproductive system.
  • By doing this asana, reproductive organs are also stimulated, due to which the problem of menstruation and menopause (menstruation), etc. are eliminated.
  • During pregnancy, this asana helps to strengthen the back muscles. But this asana should be practiced only till the second trimester.
  • Janushirasasana is beneficial for reducing obesity.
  • It spreads to the hips and the entire body.
  • Benefits of Janushi Sarsanas It reduces the pain of the feet.

What are the precautions of Janushirasan

  1. If you have pain in your knees, do not do this asana.
  2. A person suffering from severe back pain should not do this asana.
  3. If you are troubled by diarrhea and asthma, then you should avoid doing this asana.
  4. If you are a patient of lumbar disc herniation, do not do this asana.