Liver Failure: Causes, symptoms, and Ayurvedic remedy

Jagdish Tandia

Liver Failure

Friend’s, the liver is the most vital and enormous a part of the body. If there’s any sort of infection or defect in it, then many sorts of symptoms start appearing within the body. There are many of us in our country who have liver failure but they’re not treated properly. The disease mostly occurs to those that are obese or consume more alcohol. Today, the disease is not any longer confined to the elderly, but it’s now beginning to occur even in children. Only a few people know that when 80% of liver failure has occurred, then its symptoms start to seem. So friends, during this post today we’ll mention the explanation for liver failure and its treatment. First, a number of the main causes of liver failure.

Liver Failure

There are two sorts of liver failure

  1. Acute type: An acute sort of liver failure affects the liver at a rapid rate. you’ll experience liver damage within a couple of weeks or days. It can occur suddenly and with none prior warning or symptoms. Common causes for this are poisoning by mushrooms or excessive use of medicine, which can result from taking an excessive amount of acetaminophen (Tylenol).
  2. Chronic Type: The chronic sort of liver malfunction affects very slowly. it’s going to take months or maybe years for its symptoms to seem. It often occurs as a result of cirrhosis, usually thanks to prolonged alcohol use.

Causes of liver failure

There are many reasons for liver disease, which are as follows-

Viral hepatitis (usually hepatitis B)

The liver is affected thanks to hepatitis and swelling comes. If hepatitis isn’t treated at the proper time, it can take the shape of fibrosis or cancer of liver failure during a serious form. Alcohol, dirty water, and autoimmune diseases are in danger of hepatitis.

Cigarette and alcoholism

Cigarette habit may be a life-threatening habit that causes harm to your body in every way. Cigarettes affect the liver indirectly. The toxic chemicals found in cigarette smoke eventually reach your liver and damage the liver cells. additionally, alcohol may be a slow poison for the liver. Often, people that drink excessively for long periods of your time have liver failure. If you would like your liver to be healthy, then quit the habit of smoking cigarettes and alcohol.

Obesity is dangerous

Friends, you all know that obesity is dangerous for the body. Excessive eating causes extra fat within the body, which comes out of the secondary cell and starts accumulating within the liver. This causes liver failure. Being liver fatty increases the danger of heart and cancer. So concentrate on your diet and exercise. The habit of not listening to both of those can increase your obesity and it’s harmful to the liver.

Use of medication without the recommendation

Excessive use of certain drugs can prove dangerous to your liver. Often people have the habit of eating a pen killer in minor pain without consulting the doctor. Pen killers can dangerously damage the liver and kidneys. aside from this, people take medicines by watching different attractive advertisements to remain fit and reduce. But they are doing not know that the utilization of those medicines can cause heavy damage to liver failure.

Genetic diseases

Friends, genetic diseases also can affect your liver. For instance, hemochromatosis may be a disease that happens thanks to excess iron within the body and therefore the risk of liver cirrhosis increases thanks to this disease. Aside from this, the liver is often affected thanks to hepatolenticular degeneration, blood infection, etc.

Soda and cold drink

Cold drinks and soda contain tons of sugar. This not only increases your weight, but they’re also very dangerous for the liver. Long-term consumption of soda and cold drinks increases the danger of liver failure. Its risk is more to those that are already obese. aside from this, the habit of cold drinks in children is often fatal to their liver since childhood.

Lack of sleep causes liver failure

Lack of sleep has some effects which we aren’t conscious of. Within the absence of this information, we damage our liver. consistent with a study published within the Journal of Anatomy, lack of sleep puts more pressure on the liver. To stay the liver and other parts of our body fit, we’d like to urge 8 hours of sleep.

A large part of the liver malfunctions before the liver becomes impaired. Your liver may worsen for several days or weeks (acute type) or gradually for months or years (chronic type).

Symptoms of liver failure

Bloating on the stomach: Abdominal exudation thanks to swelling on the stomach may be a sign of liver cirrhosis disease. during which fluid accumulates within the stomach and starts bleeding from the intestines. within the event of its growing cancer of the liver also can occur.

Nausea: Problems associated with digestion like indigestion and acidity can cause liver failure which may also end in vomiting.

Loss of appetite: If there’s a drag of loss of appetite or problems like gas within the stomach and indigestion. Then it’s also considered a symbol of liver failure. Alongside this, there’s also a burning sensation and heaviness within the chest.

Fatigue: Extreme tiredness, dry skin, and dark circles around the eyes are sometimes the results of liver failure. within the case of liver weakness, the skin becomes damaged, lifeless, and there are hair problems.

Changes in stool: Constipation starts within the case of liver failure. Blood starts coming within the stool and therefore the color of the stool becomes black. don’t ignore these signs.

Jaundice: When the skin is colorless and eyes look pale then it’s a symbol of liver failure. This manner the skin and eyes become white and yellow, indicating that the extent of bilirubin (a bile pigment) within the blood has increased and thanks to this, the waste materials aren’t far away from the body.

Apart from Symptoms

  1. Changes in urine: In the case of liver failure, the color of urine changes. thanks to the increased level of bilirubin within the blood flowing within the body, the color of urine becomes dark yellow, and therefore the liver is unable to urge out through the kidney.
  2. Weight loss: Losing weight quickly without trying isn’t an honest sign. If the liver is spoiled, then the appetite starts decreasing, thanks to which the load gets reduced. Knowing this sign immediately and getting treatment is extremely important.
  3. Itching: Skin itching that doesn’t get away and rash (redness) on the skin is another symptom of liver failure because there’s a decrease within the fluid found on the surface of the skin thanks to which the skin becomes thick, peeled and itchy on the skin. Those rashes occur.
  4. Edema or build-up of fluid within the feet: Fluid usually accumulates within the legs, ankles, and soles. This condition is named sodium, which may cause severe liver failure. Once you press the swollen a part of the skin, you’ll see that even after lifting the finger, the place remains pressed for an extended time.
  5. Stomach ache: Pain within the abdomen, especially within the upper right a part of the abdomen or within the right part below the ribs, maybe a symptom of liver failure.

Liver failure test

  • If you’re having problems with the above targets, then seek help from your doctor. If you’ve got used excessive alcohol, have genetic abnormalities, or produce other medical problems, do tell your doctor.
  • Your doctor is going to be conscious of the tests you would like. Several different blood tests are performed to detect any abnormalities. Within the blood, which may also cause liver failure.
  • A biopsy may be a general test wont to determine liver failure. During a liver biopsy, a little piece of your liver is removed and examined. If the diagnosis is formed early, liver failure is often corrected. A damaged liver can heal on its own or medications can help during this process.

Treatment of liver failure

Friends, we’ll first study some Ayurvedic treatments for liver failure.

  • At night, drink turmeric mixed with milk before bedtime. Turmeric features a preventative capacity. This prevents the virus caused by hepatitis B and C from growing.
  • Mix one spoon apple vinegar and honey during a glass of water and take it two to 3 times each day, it helps in removing the toxic things present within the body.
  • Amla is the best source of vitamin C. This helps in making the liver function. For a healthy liver, take 4-5 amla during a day.
  • Papaya a panacea for all diseases associated with the stomach. Drink half a teaspoon of juice in two teaspoons of juice daily. It relieves many stomach related problems. this is often especially beneficial in “liver cirrhosis”.
  • A mixture of spinach and juice may be a beneficial home remedy for “liver cirrhosis”.
  • Apples and green leafy vegetables help to flush out the toxic things present within the gastrointestinal system and keep the liver healthy.
  • The earthworm is one such medicine, which provides complete protection to our liver it should be consumed daily.

Liver failure complications

  • Kidney failure: This often occurs after liver failure, especially as a result of acetaminophen poisoning, which damages both the liver and kidney.
  • Cerebral edema (inflammation within the brain): thanks to liver failure, inflammation within the brain also can cause irreversible brain damage and death.
  • Coma: If the liver doesn’t function properly, confusion, difficulty concentrating, and coma also can occur.
  • Abnormal bleeding disorder: the lack of the body to properly form a grume can cause abnormal bleeding disorder within the body.
  • Infections: Respiratory and urine infections, also as blood infections, also can be caused by liver failure.