Sex life for ladies know about the benefits of the sex

Jagdish Tandia


Health benefits of sex life for ladies

Sex-life-for-ladies- While there are all kinds of physical benefits of sex, not having sex can lead to many types of harm as well. If seen from the perspective of women, then the absence of sex in the life of women is not only a problem but due to this, many types of negative changes can be started in the body.

What does the research say?

New research has revealed that a kind of dull and monotonous sex life for women is associated with menstrual problems. British researchers examined the sex life and menopause status of about 3 thousand American women for 10 years to find out the connection between sex life and menstrual problems.

During this time, researchers found that women lacked sex in their lives. This means, that women who used to give less importance to sexual relations, those women started having menstruation or menopause at an early age.

Expert Opinion on sex life for ladies

Megan Arnot, Ph.D. candidate and lead author of the research at Anthropology at University College London, says the evidence or findings found through our research suggest that if a woman does not have sexual intercourse there is no possibility of conception, so body ovulation is, I do not want to consume energy in the act of carrying eggs to the uterus, because it is useless. ”

At the same time, gynecologist doctor Jennifer Wu inside Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, America, says that being active in regular sex life has many benefits. Jennifer says that the lack of menstruation in women before coming to the age (of 50 years old) means that your bones are stronger and your cholesterol levels can also be better.

Jennifer says that according to research, menstruation is associated with not being involved in sexual activity. Apart from this, he told that unaccompanied women can also enjoy such benefits by advancing menopause through oral sex, fondling (for play), and masturbation (masturbation).

How was the research done?

During the study, a group of research writers Megan Arnot analyzed data related to about 3000 women, who first gave an interview at the age of 45 during 1996–1997. Meanwhile, there was no change in the menstrual process of any woman, meaning that her menstruation did not stop, but in 46 percent of the women, the primary symptoms of perimenopausal ie menopause started. As the cycle of these women’s periods began to change. Mean periods were occurring back and forth, while 54 percent of women showed no symptoms of perimenopause.

After a follow-up of more than 10 years, 45 percent of women stopped having menstruation naturally, with an average age of 52 years.

Through research, researchers concluded that women who had sex once a week, on average, had 28 percent more chances of menopause starting at a young age than women who had engaged in sex less than once a month Was less. While women who indulged in sex at least once a month, the risk of early menopause was 19 percent less.

Based on this report shows how sex activities give you many types of benefits physically. Sex can increase the duration of their periods, especially in women and this protects women from many problems. Reduction or closure of premature periods is associated with a variety of physical problems. For example, hair loss or skin disorders can occur. With this comes the problem of infertility and bone weakness.