Best hair care tips: Winter season natural Hair Care tips

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Winter season Hair Care tips

Best hair care tips- Hair fall and dandruff are very common problems in winter. In such a situation, take care of your hair regularly during the winter season. Hair growth should be good and hair should be soft so some important things should be kept in mind.

The winter season has not come due to the cold winds, along with the skin, the hair also starts to become dry, lifeless, and damage because moisture is released from them. Because of this, hair fall and dandruff become a common problem in winter. Take care of your hair regularly during this winter season. Some care needs to be taken to maintain good hair growth and keep hair soft. Learn how you can do hair care this winter. Best hair care tips.

Best hair care tips- An Egg

Egg contains essential nutrients like protein, iron, sulfur fat which prevents hair fall. Mix a little olive oil in the egg white and prepare this mixture and massage it once a week with light hands. After that wash the hair with a mild shampoo, hair loss will stop and their growth will also be good.

Head massage

Due to the cold air and pollution, the hair falls very much in the cold. For your hair to remain strong even in winter, it is necessary to be strong from its roots. Hair should be massaged regularly. Massaging two to 3 times a week is sufficient. Hair can be massaged with olive oil or almond oil. In cold weather, add a little lemon in oil and massage the hair for 15 minutes once a week.

Best hair care tips- Amla and aloe vera

The nutrients present in amla are very useful for hair strength and growth. Mix aloe vera in amla juice and apply it on the hair root. If you are fond of thick dark hair then apply Amla and Ritha powder. Applying Indian gooseberry juice to the hair once a week makes hair grow faster. Amla food is also very good for skin and hair.

Put lemon juice in curd and apply to hair

Both yogurt and lemon are very useful for hair and their use in the cold would relieve dandruff. Squeeze two lemons into curd and make a paste. Apply this paste on the hair roots with hand knuckles and massage for 15 minutes. Let the paste remain in the hair for one to one and a half hours and after that wash the hair with lukewarm water. It removes hair staining and dandruff.