Hair Care Tips: The Right Way to Shampoo Hair

Jagdish Tandia

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Hair Care Tips

The problem of hair remains in every season, but the problem of hair increases especially after the rainy season. Hair falls on washing and breaks when applied to oil. By this, you can deduce that the problem of hair starts as the weather changes. (Hair Care Tips)

Apart from make-up, jewelry, cosmetics, hair care is also considered essential to look beautiful. For beautiful and thick hair, women keep on doing many things like oil massage, expensive shampoo, spa treatment.

The right way to shampoo your hair

Most women are confused about the right way to shampoo. Hair should be wetted well before shampooing. Applying shampoo to dry hair can cause harm rather than benefits. Many times, even after shampooing, the hair remains tangled, so you should consider changing the shampoo or conditioner. After applying shampoo to the hair, massage the hair for two to three minutes and only then wash it with fresh cold water. Shampoo should be used by gently massaging the scalp. Massage oil with hair for an hour before shampooing.

Hair Care – Hair shampoo tips

Massaging the scalp with oil will help blood flow to the scalp, which will strengthen your hair. Do not wash your hair with warm water at all. This will make your hair dry. Always use the right amount of shampoo as too much use of shampoo causes hair to deteriorate.

For this, it is necessary to massage the hair one hour before shampooing so that the hair can be nourished. Mixing the shampoo in a little water will give better results.

You have oily hair or dry. Always keep in mind that in the market you will find many such shampoos that are made with chemicals, these shampoos harm the natural oil of your hair. This worsens the balance of the acid-alkaline of your scalp and results in ruptured and damaged hair. Choose henna for oily hair and gooseberry shampoo for dry.

How many times a week shampoo

This question arises in everyone’s mind. Someone might have advised you to wash it thrice a week, but different hair types have different requirements. While oily hair needs to be washed three times a week and dry hair twice. But whatever your hair type is in humid weather, wash it thrice. In such weather, due to sweat, dirt and dirt stick in your scalp and make the hair very dirty.

Hair Care Tips After shampooing

After this, wrap the entire hair well in towels. This will remove access to water. Do not make the mistake of rubbing them to dry hair. When the hair is dry or very lightly wet, wipe it well with a wide-tooth comb. Never use a thin tooth comb to sort them out. This causes them to break and fall. Allow them to dry on their own. Do not always use a hairdryer to dry. Also, if using it, always keep it at a distance of 10 inches.