Best Health Benefits of Kantola (spiny gourd) how to use it

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Health Benefits of Kantola (spiny gourd)

Health Benefits of Kantola- In today’s time, the craziness of fast food/junk food has increased so much that people rarely or neither consume the vegetables that give their bodies the necessary strength. However, very few people know that there are some vegetables which get benefit only after eating for a few days. One such vegetable is Kantola. Which is known as Kantola, Teasel, Kakrol, Kankro, Kokoda, etc.

It is cultivated mainly in the mountainous regions of India, but after having so many health properties, it is being cultivated in many countries. In view, it is like a bitter gourd but smaller than a bitter gourd. It is also known as sweet bitter gourd. It is usually shown in the market during the rainy season. This vegetable has so much strength that your body becomes healthy just after a few days of consumption.

Kantola the healthiest vegetable

Do you know that Kantola is the most powerful vegetable in the world and it is also used in medicinal form? It is light indigestion and various chemical elements are found in it, which is effective in keeping the human body healthy.

More protein than meat in Kantola

This vegetable is delicious as well as full of protein. Eating it daily makes your body strong. It is said that it has 50 times more strength and protein than meat.

Health Benefits of Kantola for weight loss

Protein and iron are found in plenty in this while calories are in small amounts. This is a better option for weight loss people because consuming 100 grams of Kantola gives them 16 calories.

Health Benefits of Kantola in cancer

Cancer is a fatal disease. Kantola can prove to be somewhat helpful in defending this. Research has found that Cantola extracts have anti-cancer properties. (I)According to research, up to 50 percent of cancer cells can be controlled by using Kantole vegetable extracts.

Another research has reported that extracts of Cantola root also have anti-cancer properties. This property can prevent cancer cells from growing. Be aware that cancer is a serious disease, for which treatment should not depend on home remedies(II). If anyone is affected by this disease, he should immediately contact the doctor.

Antioxidant-rich Kantola

Kantola is rich in antioxidants. This is also mentioned in research on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information). According to him, Kantola contains the flavonoid element, which exhibits potent antioxidant activity.

These antioxidants can prevent and slow the damage caused by free radicals in the body. When the amount of these free radicals and free radicals becomes high, the risk of heart disease, cancer, and liver problems may increase.

Kantola controls blood pressure

The Momordica element and fiber content in Kantola is a panacea for the body. The element Momordica acts as an antioxidant, antidiabetes, and antistress that controls high blood pressure.

Health Benefits of Kantola for the digestive system

Dietary fiber is found in plenty in this. Therefore, the problem of constipation is eliminated by eating this. Bowel movements occur easily. By eating this vegetable, the harmful acids present in the stomach become neutral, due to which the complaint of acidity is removed.

Kantola is beneficial for skin

The use of Kantola can be beneficial for health as well as skin. A research paper mentions that paste of Kantola leaves can relieve skin diseases. Its raw fruit ie tender Kantola is known to reduce acne. Also, roasted seeds of Kantola can be beneficial for eczema and other skin-related problems (III).

Not only this, but the use of Kantola root powder is also beneficial for the skin. Applying it to the face can make the skin soft. Also, it can reduce the sweat on the skin. What elements and properties are helpful for these benefits are not yet clear.

Health Benefits of Kantola in pregnancy

Many important conditions can occur during pregnancy, one of them being a neural tube defect. If pregnant women include Kantola in their diet during pregnancy, then it is less likely to get a neural tube defect. Because Cantola is a good source of Vitamin B & C.

Health Benefits of Kantola in type-2 diabetes

Diabetes can be a problem if the amount of glucose in the blood increases. Health Benefits of Kantola in preventing this to some extent. Research on mice published on the NCBI website found that Cantella has antidiabetic and hypoglycemic effects (IV). These properties of Kantola can help in reducing and controlling the level of sugar present in the blood. In such a situation, it can be included in the diet to prevent type-2 diabetes.

Side effects of Spine Gourd (Kantola)

There may be some disadvantages as well with the Health Benefits of Kantola. This is why Cantola should be consumed in moderation only. Here we are talking about the loss of Kantola from overuse it.

  • Consumption of Kantola may reduce the blood sugar present. Those with low sugar problems should take it only on the advice of a doctor.
  • Its root has spermicidal and antifertility properties.
  • Sensitive people may be allergic to Kantola, so take it on the advice of a doctor.

How to use Kantola (Spine Gourd)

Kantola can be used in many ways. Here we are telling you about some of its common uses.

  • It is used in Indian kitchens to make vegetables.
  • The paste of its root can be applied to the whole body in case of a high fever.
  • Kantola powder can be applied to the skin to prevent pimples.
  • Its dry root powder can be used to soften the skin and reduce sweating.
  • Can make and drink Kantola juice.
  • Eczema can be prevented by making a powder of its roasted seeds.

When to use

Kantola can be used as a vegetable at lunch or dinner anytime. Juice of its root can also be consumed on an empty stomach in the morning.


It can be used as a vegetable bowl. In diabetes, it is advisable to take 50ml of its root juice on an empty stomach in the morning. Besides, the juice or pulp of its vegetable is consumed in different amounts according to the physical problem. Before taking it as a medicine, consult your doctor.

Through the article, you have learned how the medicinal properties and nutrients found in Kantola can be beneficial for health. After knowing its benefits, you must include it in your diet, but do not consume it much. Otherwise, Kantola may suffer loss as stated in the article. Along with the intake of Kantola to stay healthy, take regular exercise, and a balanced diet.