Beauty tips for women face: Best winter season Beauty tips

Jagdish Tandia

Winter season Beauty tips for women face

Beauty tips for women face– To make itself beautiful, women of earlier ages used Ayurveda beauty tips. That is why we also thought about why we should also tell you some of the Ayurveda treatments that allow you to capture your beauty eternally. In nature, elements of so many types are found, which can cure our every disease. There are various types of medicines and different types of products coming in markets today, who have completely rejected Ayurveda. Ayurveda Beauty tips for women face are also considered to be very good for our skin, it is not expensive and there is no harm in using it.

Beauty tips for women face Skin conditioner

To make this, take two teaspoons of cream and mix honey in it. Apply it on your face for five minutes and then wipe it with a wet cloth or cotton.

Natural Moisturizer

If your skin is normal then make Natural Massuchizer by itself. To make this, use 4 teaspoons of curd and a few drops of lemon and orange juice in a bowl and use it as a mask on your face. After applying this, clean the mask with cotton in 15 minutes.

Beauty tips for women face For wrinkles

If you have to remove wrinkles lying on your face, then put the castor oil on your face, This will make the skin very soft and wrinkles will also decrease.

Beauty tips for women face Clean skin

If there are stains on the skin then clean the face and pores by dipping the cotton with the cream of milk. It will clear the face, and Pors will also open.

Beauty tips for women face Skin Toner

Skin Toner

If you take raw potatoes on your face, it will tone your skin and remove the problem of pigmentation.

Remove hair on the face

To remove this, you have to make a paste that mixes the right mixture of sesame oil, turmeric powder, and wheat flour.

Beauty tips for women face

If your skin is oily or normal, then this cold season will not have a special effect on it, but it is dry so you will need additional care in this season. This time, the cold air cracks the skin or becomes dry. Most facial skin is affected only. Maintaining skin moisture is not difficult. Let’s know how to do facials these days and what things to use.

First, wash the facial skin with cleansing milk and wash it with water. Now mix the glycerine and rose water in equal amounts and massage the face lightly. Run your hand slightly up and down on the gentle massage of the neck. Take the massage of the chin out of the hands. Massaging the cheeks with the round, take the hand down and upside.

This process will increase blood circulation and the cheeks will remain pink. While doing massage on the frontal or forehead, move hands from left to right on the wrist. Considering the eyesight of the eyes, let the fingers rotate in such a way that the glycerin cannot penetrate the eyes, because it can irritate the eyes.

Additional Beauty tips for women face

Glycerin’s message is essential for the lips in winter. This makes dry skin names and torn lips get relief. Massage the lips once and then on the right side. This is also the best massage for the nose.

With this, the hard skin of the nose will also become shiny and soft. If you only have this message in winter two to three times, you will be able to see the brightness of your skin and it will have a permanent effect on the skin.