Dragon fruit Advantages and drawbacks

Jagdish Tandia

What is dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is a tropical fruit, also referred to as Pitaya fruit in Hindi. within the previous couple of years, it’s become fashionable many of us. most of the people wish to eat for his or her unique form and a special taste. But aside from its unique look and taste, it’s very health-related. you’ll buy this fruit in a fresh or frozen form within the worldwide supermarket.

Dragon fruit grows on Cactus on Hyalocercius. Also referred to as Honolulu Queen, whose fruits bloom only in the dark. This fruit was earlier found in southern Mexico and Central America. But now it’s grown almost everywhere. it’s known by many names throughout the planet, such as: – Also referred to as Pitaya and Strawberry Pear. Why is it called Pitaya fruit? There are two main common reasons, its bright red color, and therefore the second green skin because it’s sort of a dragon, thanks to which it’s also called dragon fruit.

Dragon Fruit 2 is out there in Variety. within the first variety, you’ll see a white anus with black seeds, although you’ll also anger pimples and black seeds, which are both common. The second variety will show you with a yellow Pitaya fruit with black seeds with yellow skin and white anus. Dragon fruit can appear as if alien fruit. But its taste is as common as other fruits. we will disguise its taste because of the taste of kiwi and pear fruit, but it’s slightly sweeter than both of those fruits.

Benefits of dragon fruit

There are many benefits to eating Pitaya fruit. Here we are getting to tell you about the knowledge about Pitaya fruit and its nutritional elements.

A glut of nutritional elements

Dragon fruit features a low-calorie content. But it’s packaged with essential vitamins and minerals. When a serving is 227 grams. It contains many nutrients.





3 gram


0 gram


29 gram


7 gram





vitamin C


Vitamin E


In addition to nutrients with high amounts of fiber and magnesium, dragon fruit also replenishes polyphenols and carotenoids.

Dragon fruit is useful for digestion

Digestion is an important process of any physical body. If it’s not done properly then anyone can have many health-related problems. Pitaya fruit is rich in fiber, which is extremely useful for digestion. Another advantage of foods with an honest amount of fiber is that it prevents you from feeling hungry at the end of the day.

Dragon fruit is beneficial for constipation problem

Constipation may be a health-related problem. during which the stool becomes very difficult. Pitaya fruit features a lot of water. due to which it helps to stay you high. And prevents you from being constipated. Besides, it also helps to extend the metabolic system and improve the gastrointestinal system.

Dragon fruit benefits for weight loss

Those who are upset with their weight and need to reduce, then they ought to take Pitaya fruit. Dragon fruits are found during an excellent amount of fiber, which reduces the stomach gallery. This fruit contains tons of water within the companion which keeps your digestive power healthy.

Beneficial in Cancer

Antioxidant properties against carcinogenic free radicals that cause cancer also are found in Pitaya fruits. Pitaya fruit also contains fiber calcium phosphorus and vitamin C and vitamin B2. Besides, some elements help within the removal of poisons from the body which may also cause cancer. Eating Pitaya fruit can reduce the danger of cancer.

Dragon fruit will relieve stress

A good dragon is present within the fruit which keeps the body healthy. alongside other products, it helps to stay the guts and blood vessels healthy. Besides, this fruit also helps in reducing your oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can cause heart-related diseases.

Eating Dragon Fruit Increases Blood

Dragon fruit is high in calcium and iron, which results in a rise in blood within the body. By consuming Pitaya fruit, you’ll get 1% of the specified amount of calcium and eight iron. Calcium is required to stay your muscles healthy. Iron is important for the availability of oxygen in your body. vitamin C helps to extend your body’s capacity by absorbing iron.


Dragon fruit may be a good source of minerals and vitamins. No harm has yet been proven by eating Pitaya fruit. Safe for breastfeeding and pregnant women. But there are some possible disadvantages of eating Pitaya fruit, which is given as follows.

People who used this fruit have told that eating Pitaya fruit makes their stool and urine color red. In some people, its use also can cause diarrhea.

Pitaya fruit is extremely beneficial for health. But you’ll even have health problems thanks to its excessive consumption.