Ovary Pain Relief From 3 Important Yoga Asana

Jagdish Tandia

3 Yoga asana Provides Relief From Ovary Pain

There can be many causes of ovary pain. Women experience pain when ovaries have problems with cyst and tumors. An ovary is located in the lower part of the stomach. Often, whenever there is a pain in the ovary, women feel that their stomach is in pain. There are two types of pain in the ovary, the first acute which gets cured in a few days, the second chronic which is not well for several months. However, the regular practice of yoga can reduce the pain of ovary. So let us know how to avoid ovarian pain through Yoga.

You have to practice 3 postures regularly For Ovary Pain.





This yoga is also known as cat pose. First, place a gap or blanket at a flat spot. To get rid of the pain of ovary, keep your hands and knees baked with the ground. Keep in mind the knees in the middle of the cervix, buttocks, elbows, and shoulders. Tilt the head forward and keep the eyes facing the ground. After that, lift your spine upwards while leaving your breath and keep your shoulders and knees in the same position. After this, come back to the first stage while breathing. Repeat this process two or three times.


Do not use this yoga if there is a back or knee problem.


Both legs sit and spread out in front. Mix the heel and cloves together. Keep the two hands side by side, the waist straight and the eyes in front. Now, pulling both hands upside down and pulling up the ears with the ears. In this situation, there is a head between the two hands. Looking forward to the front, the bends slowly leaning out of the waist. Holds the toes with their hands with both hands and puts the frontal with knees. After completing the aspiration in Kumbhak, raising the head, completing the supplement, comes in pre-condition.


Do not bend the waist in the seat and neither lift nor lift. Do not try to force your head to kneel. In the beginning, do this posture from half to one minute, for 15 minutes if the exercise increases. If there is a serious problem in the waist or spine, this posture will be done only on the advice of a yoga.


Lie down on the ground in this seat. To get rid of the pain of ovary, Keep feet and hips evenly spread out. Place the palms in front of the shoulders on the ground. Spread the fingers outwards, the middle finger should be in the middle. Turning the breath out, touch the pads outwards. Slowly turn the vertebra inwards while taking the breath. Slowly lift the head, nose, and chin from the ground. Keep the floor in front of the roof and look at the front.


If there is any kind of problem or problem in the back or waist, then Bhujang Asana should not be practiced.

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