Weight Loss After Pregnancy: Best Diet for Weight Loss

Jagdish Tandia

Weight loss after pregnancy

After pregnancy, women are anxious to lose excess weight and return to their normal weight. Talking about pregnancy, the weight gain of ladies has become commonplace. The main reason for this is not the care of the pan, the tension, and also the main reason that he did not have time to take care of his body. But if you can keep a few small things in mind, then you can control the unwanted weight. With the care of the children, you also have to pay a little attention to your body if you want to keep your body in the first place. Therefore, we are going to tell you some common diets today, please read carefully and try to implement it. how to weight loss after pregnancy.

Causes of weight gain after delivery

There can be many reasons for weight gain after pregnancy, which starts showing during pregnancy. Below we are talking about these reasons. 

  • The weight of the woman increases during pregnancy, which is felt more after delivery. The main reason for this is the rapid change of hormones.
  • Catering is another main reason for this. During pregnancy and even after pregnancy, women are given things like ghee and dry fruits, which cause weight gain.
  • One reason for weight gain after delivery may also be the inability of a woman to breastfeed properly. Therefore, breastfeeding is also necessary to keep weight under control.
  • Resting at all times after delivery, not doing any physical activity, and not taking a walk can also be the cause of weight gain.
  • Most women become so busy taking care of the baby after delivery that they are unable to pay attention to themselves. For this reason, they do not get time to exercise and start gaining weight.
  • In some cases, obesity also increases after delivery due to unbalanced thyroid.
  • Some women get stressed after delivery, after which they start gaining weight. This type of stress is called postpartum depression.

Some tips for weight loss after pregnancy

  1. Stay away from stress: There is no doubt that stress is the main cause of weight gain. Therefore, as far as possible keep yourself away from stress and always try to be happy.
  2. Get complete sleep: Although it may be difficult to get eight hours of continuous sleep after the birth of a child, you will need to get plenty of sleep. For this, you can give other household chores to the rest of the members and can sleep while your baby is sleeping too.
  3. Eat snacks thoughtfully: It is normal for breastfeeding mothers to feel hungry again and again. In such a situation, you will feel like eating your snacks, but you should also eat snacks thoughtfully. Do not eat anything that will increase your weight. Instead, you can eat oats, dry fruits, and whole grains.
  4. Stay away from caffeine and alcohol: To reduce obesity after delivery, you must stay away from caffeine and alcohol. If you still want to drink tea and coffee, then you can drink a cup of green tea.
  5. Walk as much as you can: Include walking in your routine. Walk as much as you can. This makes it easy to lose weight. You can take a walk in the park for a while. If you have to go to get some goods from nearby, then go for a walk by rickshaw or car.
  6. Dance: Dancing will also help in losing weight. For this, you can play your favorite music and dance. Talk to your doctor before you dance, as your delivery has been recent, it may be advisable to take some precautions.

Diet For Weight Loss After Pregnancy

Fiber-rich food Weight Loss After Pregnancy

Fiber-rich food

Include fiber food in your diets such as whole grains, berries, brown rice, and good sources of fiber in the fruit so that all help to weight loss after pregnancy. Soluble fiber helps prevent excessive cholesterol, sugar, and starch absorption from your digestive tract. Oats, rye, and barley are considered as good soluble fibers. Apart from this, consuming fiber also helps in weight loss after pregnancy. You must take care of this thing.

Follow diet routing

Proper diet and exercise contribute significantly to weight loss after pregnancy. You need to make some changes to your diet and eating habits to reduce weight after pregnancy. For example, you eat low-fat meals, eat food on time, drink more water, eat fewer sweets, and sleep well.

Hydrated For Weight Loss After Pregnancy

Another effective way to lose weight after pregnancy is hydrated. Drink a glass of water sometime before the meal. Water helps to control hunger too. Try to eat a healthy diet a little less than eating too much during pregnancy. After pregnancy, you make soup three times a week to lose weight. It is nutritious and usually reduces calories. Eat five servings of fruit every day. Please include fruits in the diet after pregnancy.

Balance your calories

If you’ve had heavy meals, then balance your calories in your next meal so that you can control your unwanted weight. For example, if you have made a midday meal, then drink butter or milk only at some time. However, this is not easy, because appetite increases during pregnancy. Therefore, you should take care of the calorie intake in your food.

Try not to eat things like chocolate, hot chocolate, or at least eat. Because chocolate contains more calories.

Friends, after pregnancy, women are anxious to lose extra weight and come back to their normal weight but this is not that easy. Therefore, women need to be completely practical for weight loss after pregnancy. It is also necessary to have patience, dedication, and a positive attitude along with a meditation on eating, and without making a positive change in the lifestyle, this goal cannot be found.

Yoga and exercise to weight loss after pregnancy

Many exercises help to lose weight after delivery. Below we are going to tell you about this yoga and practice:

Take a walk

Do not do heavy labor for six weeks after delivery. After six weeks, you can take 15-15 minute walks five times a week. This is an effective exercise that will help reduce weight and stomach after delivery.


exercise to Weight Loss After Pregnancy

A few days after starting the walk, you start stretching and twisting for the muscles. Keep in mind that while stretching, do not stretch your body excessively and do it only under the supervision of the instructor.

To do this you lie on your back and bend one knee.
Then move the heel of the leg straight up and then down. During this, keep your back straight.
Repeat this process three to five times.

Pelvic floor exercises

Doctors also recommend pelvic floor exercises to lose weight after delivery. Repeat 10 sets of pelvic floor exercises to get better results. In this category, even better results of Kegel exercises can be seen.


Sit-ups to Weight Loss After Pregnancy

Regular sit-ups are also helpful in reducing weight and stomach.

For this, you lie on your back by laying yoga mats on the ground.
You put your hands behind the neck and then raise your head upwards slowly.
Repeat this process eight times.


Swimming is also a better option to lose belly and weight after pregnancy. For this, you can swim under the supervision of a trainer for half an hour four times a week.

Yoga Setubandhasan

Yoga Setubandhasan

For this, you lie on your back on the mat and close both your hands from the ground.
Then bend your knees and raise your back upwards.
During this, keep both your back and chest upward and place your hands on the back.
Remain in this state for 10-15 seconds and then slowly return to normal.
Repeat this process eight to ten times under the supervision of the instructor.

Exercise with baby

It is believed that if you do physical activity with your baby, it will be easy to lose weight. For this, you can take your baby in your lap and walk for some time.

Home remedies for weight loss after pregnancy

You do not necessarily lose weight only by hard work and dietary cuts. You can also lose weight by adopting some home remedies with them. Know, home remedies to lose belly and weight after pregnancy-

  • Tomato: Tomato also helps in reducing excess fat from the stomach. It contains natural sugar, keeping blood sugar levels normal. Because of this, the woman has less desire to eat sweet again and again. Also, tomatoes contain lycopene and beta-carotene, which lowers cholesterol and reduces fat while increasing metabolism.
  • Garlic: Garlic also helps in reducing fat from the stomach. It has also been proved in research that using garlic reduces fat. For this, you can chew four garlic buds every morning. After this, you can drink a little lemonade.
  • Barley and parsley water: For this, boil one spoon of barley and one spoon of parsley in eight glasses of water. You can drink this water daily.
  • Lemon and honey: Lemon and honey are considered very effective for reducing weight. For this, you have to drink half a lemon and half a teaspoon of honey in lukewarm water. You can drink it daily on an empty stomach.
  • Green-Tea: Green-tea also benefits to lose weight. For this, you can get up every morning in the morning and drink a cup of green tea.
  • Apple: Yes, eating apples daily will also help you lose weight. Apples contain pectin, which helps reduce excess belly fat.