Padmasana method, attention and benefits

Jagdish Tandia



Padmasana: Experiencing or realizing peace or happiness is like attaining supernatural knowledge, this is often possible only you’re perfectly healthy. There are some ways to realize healthiness, one among them is that the easy thanks to doing yoga asana and pranayama.

Padmasana method:

Sitting on the bottom, place the heel of the left foot on the proper thigh in such how that the heel comes near the navel. After this, raise the proper leg and place it on the left thigh in such how that the 2 heels meet near the navel.

Keep the upper part completely straight from the waist including the medulla spinalis. confine mind that both knees shouldn’t rise from the bottom. then, keep the palms of both hands in your lap and remain stable. this could even be done by changing the feet again. Then stabilize the vision on the nasal passages and sit down.

Special attention:

Remember that within the postures sitting in meditation, samadhi, etc., the medulla spinalis, lumbar and head are kept upright and need to sit steadily. the attention should be closed during meditation. thanks to the eyes being open for an extended time, there’s an opportunity of causing disorder in them by destroying the fluidity of the eyes.

Benefits of Padmasana:

This posture removes many ailments of the feet. especially, it makes the pectoral and leg joints and therefore the related veins flexible, firm and spontaneous. Respiratory function is additionally maintained. Calms and concentrates the senses and therefore the mind.

This increases intelligence and is sattvic. The mind is stable. Memory and thinking power increase. Increase semen. Treating is ok.