Pranayama: What are the benefits of Pranayama?

Jagdish Tandia



What are the benefits of Pranayama? People translate the word pranayama into English as ‘breathing technique’ or ‘breathing exercise’. But, it is not like that. Prana means life energy which is the most important force for living. Yama means to control. So Pranayama is a subtle process by which we can control our inner energies. These processes are taught very deeply because it is very important to bring changes in the inner energies to stabilize the body and mind.

What are the benefits of Pranayama?

Whatever you do in life, how your mind, your body, and your entire system will work is ultimately determined by your prana or life energy. Prana is intelligent energy. Since every person’s karmic memory is printed on Prana, it works differently in every human being. Conversely, electricity has no intelligence, so it can light a bulb, operate a camera, and do millions of things, not because of its intelligence, but because of the device it operates. has been In the future, smart electricity may also come. If you can connect energy to a particular memory, you can do the same thing with it.

Different forms of Prana: Panch Vayu

There are five forms of Prana in the body which are called Panch Vayu. These are – Prana Vayu, Samana Vayu, Udana Vayu, Apana Vayu, Vyana Vayu. These are different aspects of the human system. With the help of yogic exercises like Shakti Chalana Kriya, you can take the strings of Panch Vayu in your hands. If you master these, you will be free from most diseases – especially mental illnesses. The world needs it the most today.

If we do not pay attention to this matter now, then within the coming fifty years we will have many more people who will be victims of mental imbalance. All this is the result of our modern lifestyle. We are handling many aspects of life in a very wrong way. We have to pay a heavy price for this. If you take responsibility for your life, then whatever may be the external circumstances, you will be mentally balanced. Right now many people are suffering from imbalance at the mental level, although they have not yet been medically examined.

Pranayama- vitality, balance, and health

Suppose your hand becomes uncontrollable and starts scratching or hurting you – then it is a disease. This is what people’s mind is doing to them at this time. Every day, people’s mind forces them to get frustrated, get stressed or cry. It is causing misery for them. This is also a disease, but society does not consider it a disease. The root of every misery associated with the everyday life of man lies in the mind. The disease has entered into us and is increasing day by day because so are the social structures, technology, and many other things around us.

With the help of yoga exercises like Shakti Chalana Kriya, you can take command of your life into your own hands.

One who has mastery over his life can maintain one hundred percent his mental balance as well. In this way, you can protect yourself from many types of physical diseases. However, the dangers of infection and toxic chemicals in today’s environment will remain. We cannot completely control the elements that go into the body through air, water, and food, no matter how careful we are. But their effect is different for every person.

One hundred percent guarantee of physical health cannot be given due to external reasons, but if you control the soul, then there is a hundred percent guarantee of mental health. If you are mentally healthy, then you will not be harmed by some physical issues. Often in the case of physical discomfort, the problem is more due to the reaction of the mind than that physical pain. How the prana works with you, how they work with the rest of the universe, how they enter the body of a newborn, how they leave the body of a dying person – all these things show that they have their own There is an understanding.

Shakti Conducting Kriya – Working with Your Life

You need a certain level of awareness to know how the five pranas work. Power driving is a wonderful process, but you have to be aware. You have to stay focused for the entire forty to sixty minutes. Most people cannot keep their attention on one full breath. Somewhere in between, their thoughts go somewhere else, or they forget to count. It will take months and years of practice to get to the point at which you can complete all the cycles of focusing on your breathing.

This is the reason why shakti conduction kriya is taught with zero attention. This meditation brings you to the place in which you are away from the world as soon as you close your eyes. This in itself is no less than a blessing. If you do this, then you will be able to concentrate on anything for some time. When you want to do this forcibly, then it will not be of any use.

If you close your eyes it should be present for you – only your breath, heartbeat, body movements, and your life activities. Only that which is happening within is life. Whatever is happening outside is just a shadow.

Pranayama- Staying focused is the key

Zero and other sadhanas lead in that direction. How far you can go is a different matter – especially in today’s world. I am not against the life happening around me, but shallowness is a trend these days. The depth is getting lost somewhere. With this attitude, you will never know how life works within you. It does not mean that man cannot know. It all depends on how much importance you give to it. If you make this your priority then everything will settle by itself.

This life within you – this is the truth – everything else is just a sham.

Wherever you go, if your priorities go in a different direction, you can’t get to know life fundamentally. On a social level, you can get somewhere, on a physical level life is going to the grave, at the most you can make it a little longer. As far as the mind is concerned, it is constantly going round and round. If you pay attention to the basic nature of life then life will take you somewhere. This life within you – this is the truth – everything else is just a sham. Right now, all the focus is on appearances, not reality.

With power conduction action, the conversion is gradual. Taking charge of one’s life and paying attention to its processes in tantra is a wonderful process. The power conduction function works on the same level. If you practice this, you can strengthen the foundation of your system.

Shambhavi Mahamudra – Beyond Prana

Shambhavi Mahamudra can touch the dimension which is the basis of all this. But you can’t do it actively. You can only decide the atmosphere. We always consider Shambhavi to be feminine. For it to be fruitful, you must have a sense of reverence. You can only come into contact with the source of creation – you have nothing to do with it. There is also an element of Pranayama present in Shambhavi, which is beneficial in many ways.

The important thing about Shambhavi Kriya is that it is a means of touching the source of creation, which is beyond prana. This may happen on the first day itself or it may also happen that you may not get any result even in six months. But if you keep doing it, one day you will touch this dimension. If you touch it, suddenly everything will be transformed.