The 9 Biggest Kidney Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Jagdish Tandia

9 Biggest Kidney Mistakes Habits

Friends, if you see these harmful kidney mistakes behaviors, then become aware of today itself. In this post, today we will discuss 9 Biggest Kidney Mistakes. Here is a list of 9 common habits that you may not feel that your kidneys are under pressure.

The first kidney mistakes Smoking

Sure, smoking is not good for your lungs or your heart. But do you know that smoking may not be good for your kidney too? People who smoke are more likely to have protein in their urine (a sign of kidney damage) so you should stop smoking today.

Drink extra alcohol

Drinking extra alcohol regularly (more than four drinks a day) has been found to double the risk of chronic kidney disease. People who drink alcohol are also at higher risk of having kidney problems. Smokers who smoke heavily are nearly five times more likely to develop chronic kidney disease (those who smoke more or do not drink alcohol)

Second Kidney Mistakes Long sitting

Friends, sitting for long hours is also linked to the development of kidney disease. However, researchers do not know why or how sedentary time or physical activity directly affect kidney health. However, it is known that improved physical activity is associated with better blood pressure and glucose metabolism. Which are important factors in kidney health?

Using excessive salt is also a kidney mistakes:

The first Bigger Kidney Mistakes is salt. Salt contains high sodium, which can increase blood pressure and in turn damage your kidneys. If possible, taste your foods with herbs and spices instead of salt. Over time you must avoid using extra salt (sodium) in your food.

Eating regular processed food

Friends, everyone knows that processed foods are important sources of sodium and phosphorus. Therefore those who have kidney disease need to limit phosphorus in their diet. Some studies have shown that people without kidney disease also consume high phosphorus from processed foods and cause harm to their kidneys and bones. You can try to adopt the DASH diet to guide your healthy eating habits.

Not drinking enough water hole-day

Friends, staying well hydrated helps your kidneys to clear sodium and toxins from the body. Drinking plenty of water is also a great way to avoid kidney stones. People with kidney problems or kidney failure may need to restrict their fluid intake. But for most people, drinking 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day is a healthy aim.

Sleeping out at sleeping

A good night’s rest is extremely important for your overall body well-being. It also helps in keeping your kidneys healthy. The kidney function is controlled by the sleep-wake cycle, which helps to coordinate kidney workload in 24 hours. Therefore, one should sleep for at least 8 hours at night.

Eat too much meat are also kidney mistakes

Animal protein produces high amounts of acid in the blood. Which may be harmful to the kidney and cause acidosis. (A condition in which the kidneys cannot rapidly dissipate acid). Protein is required for the development, maintenance, and repair of all parts of the body, but your diet should be well balanced with fruits and vegetables.

Eating too many sugar-rich foods is the biggest kidney mistakes

Sugar contributes to obesity which increases the risk of developing hypertension and diabetes. In addition to desserts, the leading cause of kidney disease, sugar is often added to foods and drinks that you may not consider “sweet”. Avoid spices, breakfast cereals and white bread which are all the sources of processed sugar. To avoid excess sugar in your diet, pay attention to the ingredients when buying packaged goods.

The purpose of this article is to help prevent kidney disease to avoid kidney mistakes. If you have been asked to limit your potassium or phosphorus, or are on dialysis then discuss your dietary or nephrologist’s needs with your individual diet.