Utkatasana: health benefits,and disadvantages of Utkatasana

Jagdish Tandia

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Sitting in Utkatasana seems easy to hear and comfortable, but sitting in an imaginary chair can be a bit selective and that is exactly what we do in Utkatasana. Utkatasana literally means acute posture or a powerful posture. You have to show a little perseverance to stay longer in Utkatasana! Be sure to read its contradictions before committing an offense.

How to do Utkatasana

  • Stand straight with a gap between the two legs.
  • Spreading the arms in front of the palm towards the ground, elbows remain straight. Gently bend the pelvis down as if you are sitting in an imaginary chair.
  • Stay in the same position. To feel good in Utkatasana, imagine that you are reading a newspaper or typing on a laptop while sitting.
  • Make sure that your hands are parallel to the ground.
  • Sit straight while stretching the spine with reflexes.
  • Keep breathing and enjoy the national and international news by turning the pages of the newspaper.
  • Slowly sit in the chair and down, but make sure that your knees do not go beyond your fingers.
  • Keep going down slowly and then sit in Sukhasana. If you want, you can lie on your back, and relax.

As instructed by Sri Yoga expert: Make it easy to smile, it will be easy to remain in the posture. It is a good idea to do a chair posture (hereafter) after all standing postures. Then you can do posture (posture) posture or lying posture.

Benefits of Utkatasana 

  1. The muscles of the spine, hips, and chest get good exercise.
  2. Strengthens the lower back.
  3. The muscles of the thighs, heel, legs, and knees get strength.
  4. There is a balance in the body and perseverance in the mind.


Chronic knee pain, arthritis, heel sprain, other knee problems, and loss of muscles; Do not practice chair posture in the state of headache, insomnia. Take special care during lower back pain or menstruation and do this asana very slowly.