Weight loss fast for women: Yoga, diet, and exercise

Jagdish Tandia

Weight loss fast for women

Friends, if you want to weight loss fast then this exercise can prove very beneficial for you. Lay the triceps extension diagonally on the table and hold the set by hand and rotate it at least 25 times and set 3 times. To do this, lie down on the ground and raise it slowly with the help of your hands and feet. Then stop for a while. This makes all the muscles of the body tight.

The squat (band) secondary muscle buttocks, holding the quadriceps tubbing purified in your hands, keep the shoulders waving, then lower your body down and then resume after a bit rest. Keep your feet strong in place throughout the suggestion/warning. Exercise by mixing exercises, if you mix tired exercises together, then your weight will be reduced soon. Exercise Burpie, as well as doing a pushup.

Dite for weight loss naturally:

Best diet tips– In the afternoon, you should drink 2 glasses of water before eating. By doing this you will feel hungry, and if you want to reduce your weight, then eating less than hunger will be beneficial for you.

Boiled apples- boiled apple is very good for health. This will give you fiber and iron too. It also has eased indigestion and obesity also decreases. Collect the seeds of Latjira or chinchilla. Grind them in a pot of salt and fry them on low heat. Take one spoon of it twice a day, it will be very beneficial for you.

Protein shake- Water comes in the mouth when the name of protein shake comes. Yes, both Shake i.e. tasty and nutritious. Protein shake i.e. shake which contains plenty of protein. A protein shake is found on the market in fruits and chocolate flavors. Protein shake keeps the protein abundant in your body. Your weight is also reduced when you workout. Protein Shake is not only helpful in making your muscles and reducing weight, but it also makes your life easier by being ready immediately.

We are telling you some of the best protein shakes that will reduce your weight. We are also talking about how to prepare them. With the addition of protein shake, you should also keep in mind that if you use it in your diet, it is very important for you to have a regular workout. If you are negligent in the workout, it can also prove to be harmful to you.

Healthy Food:

In Indian cuisine, fruits and vegetables, as well as low sweet and low sugar dishes, are also helpful in weight loss. If you want to lose weight with Indian cuisine, you have to leave the milk and the made of it, roasted and steam food.

Early weight loss diet – Egg protein is a treasure. Egg food is very good for health In the morning breakfast. Eggs are less hungry than eating.

Start eating salad and dinner in Salad- Salad should be without a creamy dressing. Before eating, after eating a big plate low-calorie salad, the food is eaten less. Apart from Vitamin C and E in Salad, folic acid, lycopene, and carotenoid, etc. are nutrients that increase resistance.

Tomato juice- Drinking 250 grams of tomato juice for 2-3 months as soon as possible in the morning decreases fat. Grind the fine powder of small pepper and filter it with a cloth. Taking this powder with three grams daily in the morning with buttermilk, the stomach of the stomach gets inside. Eat slowly and slowly by gaining your brain will signal to fill up and you will eat less. (You can also read it weight loss after pregnancy)

Yoga for weight loss:

Yoga Uthishta Padangusthasana:

Firstly, keep your back straight and keep your hands on the waist. Raise your straight legs and stand with the help of the left foot. Take some cocoons and then leave them. After that, change the order of the legs.

Yoga Ushtraasan:

The camel’s shape is made in Uprashrasan. That is why this rapture is called. If the stomach is too much, then this yoga affects your stomach, waist, chest, and arms. To do this, sit in the thunderstorm and stand on your knees. Hold the part from knees to the waist and turn the back backward and hold the legs with hands. Now bow the back of the head back.

Today health tips:

Use blue more blue color reduces hunger. For this reason, most restaurants reduce the use of this color. So you have blue plates in the food, wear blue clothes, and put a blue tablecloth on the table. In contrast, to avoid red, yellow, or orange coloring, use these to increase appetite.