What are tampons, what are its uses and advantages

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What is a tampon and how to use it?

Tampons are used during periods. Tampons are used less in India, they are more used abroad, 80 -90% of girls or women use tampons.

Generally, women or girls consider using pads much easier and more comfortable. Using pads causes irritation, itching, redness, etc. outside the vagina, which causes great discomfort. It feels very restless to use pads. All the time it feels like there is something heavy and sticky in the panty that does not look good at all.

Due to this, neither does it feel like doing anything nor does it feel safe and comfortable to stay out in the house in such a situation, as well as there is also the fear of getting stains in the pads all the time. However, this is not the case with tampons because the use of tampons inside the vagina does not make you feel that you have used anything.

Most girls do not want to use tampons because they are afraid of the end of virginity, while there is no such thing. There is no fear of losing virginity with the use of tampons. Virginity only ends in the condition of sexual relations. |

How to use tampons


There is something similar in the appearance of tampons as you see in the picture. It is thin in shape and has a thread at the bottom which helps in inserting and removing the tampons inside the vagina. It is very important to insert the tampon into the vagina properly because if it is not inserted in the vagina properly it can also damage the vagina. How to insert tampons correctly into the vagina.

First, clean your hands thoroughly with soap. Dry the hand with a clean towel and remove the tampon from the box. Keep in mind that if the tampon does not fall on the ground, throw it away, and take out another tampon.

Sitting position

If you feel comfortable sitting, then sit down, or if you want to stand and stand then stand up. Some women apply tampons with one foot on the toilet seat and one foot down or one foot above the tub and the other foot down. You can come to whatever you feel right.

After this, hold the tampon with your fingers. Now hold the small and thin section of the tampon in the middle and insert it into the vagina. Keep in mind that the string of the tampon should be visible from the outside and it should not even hit your body. Remove the folds of the vaginal thread with your other hand and insert the tampon at the vagina entrance. Now get the tampon inside the vagina door very comfortably and leave it when your fingers start touching the body, there will be only threaded on the outside. Later, when you need to take out the tampon, grab the thread and pull it down comfortably, the tampon will come out easily.

Clean your hands thoroughly before applying the tampon and after removing the tampon from the vagina.

Benefits of tampons

  • The tampon soaks up the blood inside the vagina, so there is no fear of bleeding in the clothes. Using tampons does not make you feel like you have used anything.
  • One advantage of using tampons is that by applying it, like a pad, it does not wet the panties with blood, which eliminates one of your major problems. And you have to be free from stickiness, you don’t feel wet.
  • In the case of excess blood, there is no worry about changing it like a pad repeatedly because it can absorb more blood easily. The tampon does not feel heavy like a pad nor does it move up and down so you will feel immense relief after applying the tampon.

Loss of tampon

After applying tampons, women often forget that there is a chance of becoming cancer. Tampons should be used only for 3-4 hours. If you feel itchy or burning inside using tampons, you should not use them.