What is Yogasana provision and benefit of Yogasana

Jagdish Tandia

What is the benefit of Yogasana?

The Yogasana provision and benefit: The greatest quality of Yogasanas is that they are effortless and universal. Yogasana is such an exercise method that neither spends anything special nor requires so much equipment. Yogasana can be done by rich and poor, old and young, strong and weak.

While the muscles in the rugs have to perform stretching, contracting and twitching activities, on the other hand, there are stress-stretching movements as well, which removes body fatigue and regains the power expended by the rugs. Yogasanas have their importance in terms of refreshing the body and mind, replenishing their lost power and spiritual gain.

Yogasana provision and benefit

  • With the help of Yogasana, the inner glands can do their work well and help maintain puberty and protect semen. By the Yogasanas the stomach is well cleaned and the digestive organs are strengthened. Disturbances do not occur in the digestive system.
  • Yogasanas make the spinal cord flexible and compensate for the spent pulse power. Yogasanas give strength to muscles. This reduces obesity and makes a weak-skinned person healthy. Yogasanas are particularly suited for women’s anatomy. They produce in them the qualities of beauty, equanimity, fragility and speed, beauty, etc.
  • Yogasanas increase intelligence and the power of perception gets new vigor and freshness. The upward tendencies are awakened and the efforts for a soul-improvement increase. Yogasana makes women and men imitators of the moderate path in self-control and diet, so the mind and body get permanent and complete health.
  • Yogasanas regulate breathing, strengthen the heart and lungs, purify the blood and increase stability by creating stability in the mind. Yogasanas are a boon for physical health as they have an effect on all parts of the body and they perform their functions smoothly.
  • Asanas destroy diseases, protect them from diseases, keep the body healthy, healthy and athletic. The light of the eyes increases with rugs. The need for eyeglasses is eliminated for the practitioner of rugs.

Yogasan exercises every part of the body, making the body strong, healthy and strong. Asanas systematically conduct the functions of the five main organs of the body, the nervous system, the anaphylactic system, the respiratory system, so that the body remains perfectly healthy and no disease is prevented. Asanas have the right to the development of all areas of physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual. Other exercise methods only can affect the external body, while Yogasanas make the all-round development of humans.

What is the provision of Yoga practice?

It is necessary to pay attention to some necessary precautions before you start learning asanas. Asanas can be effective and beneficial only if done properly.

Yogasana provision

  • The Yogasana should be done only after retiring from defecation and bathing and take bath after one hour. Yogasana should be done by laying postures on flat land and wearing loose clothes according to the season.
  • Yogasana should be done in an open and airy room so that you can freely take pure air with your breath. You can also practice outside, but the surroundings are pure and the weather is pleasant.
  • Do not exert unnecessary force while doing the posture. Although initially, you will find your muscles stiff, with a few weeks of regular exercise, the body becomes flexible. Do rugs easily, not with difficulty. Do not commit too much with them.
  • Don’t do asanas during menstruation, pregnancy, fever, serious diseases, etc. Yoga practitioners should have a proper diet, that is, food should be natural and as much as it is easy to digest. All postures except Vajrasana are empty stomachs.
  • Rest at the beginning and end of the asana. Do the asana methodically. Perform each asana from both sides and do its supplementary practice. If there is extreme pain in any part of the body while performing the asana, do the asana only after consulting a yoga practitioner.
  • If the air, excessive heat or blood in the vital is highly impure, the postures done on the head should not be done. Caution is very important so that toxic substances cannot reach the brain and cause damage.
  • It is necessary to conduct limbs before starting yoga. This ends the stiffness of the organs and prepares the body for rugs. For ‘How to do a limb operation’, see ‘Organ handling’.
  • Ultimately, it would be better if you do asanas under the supervision of a qualified yoga practitioner.

Yogasana provision and benefit

Although Yogasana originated in our country India, it has been propagated by foreigners in modern times, so those who imitate Western civilization feel proud to call the word ‘Yoga’ as ‘Yoga’. In ancient times, Indians have been half-hearted towards this education. The importance of yogis should not be reduced. Therefore, it was forbidden to be given to everyone. Yoga is a discipline that can be practiced by the patient, healthy, child and old.

Yoga is very beneficial for women. There are many asanas and deeds to maintain elegance on the face. Kunjal, Sutranetti, Jalnetti, milking, cloth dhoti karma are very beneficial. Cheeky Shakti Vikas, Sarvang Virmana, Sarvang Asana, Shikhasana, etc. provide radiance and radiance to the face.


In the same way, to keep eyes beautiful and healthy, to increase length, to make hair thicker, to reduce belly, to make hands and feet beautiful and shapely, to increase intelligence, to make waist and thighs beautiful, to reduce anger, to make cheeky beautiful, to increase self-confidence. , To remove secret diseases, make the neck long and jugular, relieve the fatigue of hands and feet, improve digestive power, sleep well, remove skin diseases and many other kinds of sufferings. Yogasana for prevention includes exercise, posture, and deed.

But before practicing Yogasana, one must consult the skilled yoga director. The following posture actions are being presented, which you can do with ease and earn energy throughout the day. Read more

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