Sugar: Some major disadvantages of Sugar Intake

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Some major disadvantages of Sugar Intake

Disadvantages of Sugar: There are two types of sugar – glucose, and fructose. Sugar in the form of fructose. It is more harmful than glucose. Glucose is required for the cell while fructose is not. The disadvantages of excess sugar in the form of fructose are as follows.

The liver converts more fructose into fat, causing an unnecessary workload on it. If there is a small amount of sugar, the liver converts it into glycogen and stores it with itself so that it can be used when needed.

But if it is already present in sufficient quantity in the liver, then the liver converts more fructose into fat, some of which then goes into the blood in the form of harmful fat called LDL which can cause heart disease and some amount. Collects on the liver itself which causes a disease called a fatty liver (NAFLD). Both situations are harmful.

Insulin resistance: disadvantages of Sugar

Consuming more sugar increases insulin resistance, which increases the risk of obesity and diabetes. Insulin is a very important hormone. In its presence, the cells can use glucose. Due to excess sugar in the blood, resistance to insulin starts in the cell.

Due to this, the pancreas starts producing insulin in more quantity. Constant doing this also reduces the pancreas to make the full capacity of insulin and one day the sugar increases so much, the hospital has to take shelter.

  • Satisfaction like glucose does not come from fructose. Different types of sugar have different effects on the body, mind, and hormones. Like drugs, sugar can increase the secretion of hormones called dopamine in the brain to harmful levels.
  • For this reason, sugar gets used, that is, it becomes addictive, which is the form of addiction. Similarly, fast food can also be addictive.
  • High sugar foods increase uric acid in the blood, which can cause arthritis and blood pressure problems.
  • The hormone that increases appetite, Ghrelin, is not able to reduce as much fructose as sugar. This increases its use. Excessive intake of sugar can damage the body weight and appetite control system, which causes weight gain.
  • Severe disease like cancer is the result of uncontrolled growth of the cell. Insulin has an important role in controlling this growth. Scientists believe that the use of excess sugar has a bad effect on insulin which can cause cancer.

According to the World Health Organization WHO, sugar in the energy taken from food should not exceed 10 percent. The sugar present in milk, fruits, and vegetables does not cause any harm. Excess sugar is a loss of the body. Children and young people should consume less than 10 percent of the total energy.

The total quantity of sugar taken throughout the day should not exceed –

Man: 37 .5 grams or 9 teaspoons
Female: 25 grams or 6 teaspoons

If you are physically more active then the ability to tolerate a higher amount of sugar may be more, but if the physical activity is less then the excess can be dangerous.

Disadvantages of Sugar: Obesity and weight gain

If you are eating more sugar then you may have a problem with gaining weight and this is also the biggest reason for obesity. Sugar contains only calories that prevent the fat from burning in your body and besides it reduces our insulin levels due to which our metabolism is disturbed. When we eat sugar, Lipoprotein Lipase is made in our body, thanks to which fat starts to accumulate in our body cells.

Disadvantages of Sugar: Diabetes

Eating too much sugar can cause you to have type 2 diabetes because when we eat more sugar then our insulin changes and our insulin level also increases in our blood due to which you may be at risk of diabetes.

Mood Swing

Whenever you eat more sweet things, your mood changes again and again, because due to eating sugar here, we have to face such a problem due to which some chemicals are formed in our body due to which we have mood swings. It becomes a problem.

Disadvantages of Sugar: Heart Problem

In 2010, research was done in which it was said that if you consume more sugar then it has a very bad effect on your heart. Because of this, it becomes difficult to do heart work. Due to which you may have heart problems like a heart attack or heart stroke and some similar heart-related problems because when you increase sugar intake in your diet, it increases your blood pressure and Cholesterol due to more likely to have heart-related problems.

To be tired

  • As we told you earlier that sugar contains empty calories, it does not contain any nutrients that help us to boost our energy. So whenever we eat any high-sugar items, we may have to face a low energy problem later.
  • This can be some 10 problems when you start consuming more sugar. So you have to take care that you use at least sugar in your diet.
  • Besides, excess sugar causes inflammation in the body, which is a major cause of cancer. People who consume more sugar are at a higher risk of getting cancer. It has been proved in many types of research.

Promotes aging: disadvantages of Sugar

By consuming sugar, sugar starts dissolving in our blood and it is mixed with some proteins that lead our young skin towards aging. Sugar also spoils collagen and elastin by spoiling protein. Due to which dryness and wrinkles appear on the skin.

Keeping sugar loss in mind, sugar intake should be minimized. If you love your body, then you should reduce sugar intake.