Bhujangasana, Precautions and Benefits of Bhujangasana

Jagdish Tandia


Bhujangasana In English, it’s called the Cobra Pose. Bhujangasana seems like a snake with a raised snake, hence the name of this asana is Bhujangasana. Bhujangasana is vital to simple Suryanamaskar and Padmasadhana which is extremely beneficial for our body.

It makes the muscles of the chest and waist flexible and removes any tension within the waist. Bhujangasana will convince be very beneficial for patients associated with the medulla spinalis.

In women, it helps to regulate blood flow within the uterus. Whether it’s a patient-related to kidney or any stomach related problem, this easy posture is that the solution to all or any problems.

Method of performing Bhujangasana

  1. First of all, lie on the bottom with the assistance of your stomach, keep your toes and forehead straight on the bottom.
  2. Keep feet straight, keep feet and ankles together too.
  3. Keep both hands adequate to both shoulders, and keep both elbows near and parallel to the body.
  4. Taking long breaths, slowly raise the forehead, then the chest and later the stomach. Keep the navel on the bottom.
  5. Now, with the support of both hands, lifting the body, pull it towards the rear of the waist.
  6. Observe: Maintain equal weight on both arms.
  7. Inhaling with reflex, straighten both hands by slowly turning the reed joint even more; Lookup, raising the neck.
  8. Consider: Are your hands far away from your ears? Keep your shoulders relaxed. If needed, you’ll also bend the elbows. you’ll learn to offer more curvature to the rear by keeping the elbows straight while continuing to practice as you go.
  9. Keep in mind that your feet are still straight. Keep a light-weight smile, keep it up breathing long and smiling.
  10. Taunt the body consistent with your ability, an excessive amount of folding can cause harm.
  11. While exhaling, firstly bring the stomach, then the chest and later the top slowly back to the bottom.


  • Most importantly, Bhujangasana or the other asana of yoga should be done consistent with its capacity.
  • If you’ve got a stomach ache or the other pain in the other body while doing this asana, don’t do that asana.
  • The one that has stomach wounds or intestinal diseases should consult a doctor before performing this asana.
  • Do not bend over backward while practicing this asana. this will cause muscle strain, which increases the probabilities of causing pain within the arms and shoulders.

Benefits of Bhujangasana

  • Relaxing the shoulders and neck.
  • Strengthen the abdominal muscles.
  • Reinforcing the whole back and shoulders.
  • Making the upper and middle parts of the spine more flexible.
  • To get obviate fatigue and stress.
  • Extremely beneficial for asthma and other respiratory diseases (do not use this asana when asthma continues).

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