Benefits of Guava leaves: Disadvantages of guava leaves

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Benefits of Guava leaves

Guava is a fruit that is liked by everyone. Eating it also gives you taste and health. But do you know that not only guava, its leaves are equally beneficial for health? Guava leaves have antioxidant, anti-bacterial properties, and anti-inflammatory properties, due to which it is beneficial in many diseases. You might be surprised to know, but guava leaves can cure common problems like colds to life-threatening dengue. So, today we are telling you about some of the important benefits of guava leaves

Benefits of Guava leaves in Cholesterol

Consumption of guava leaves lowers plasma cholesterol levels. The elements present in it also help in reducing the high amount of hyperglycemia, which helps in preventing cholesterol. Also, oxidative stress due to high cholesterol ie hypercholesterolemia can be reduced. Also, guava leaves have hypolipidemic properties, which can reduce the number of lipids (a type of fat) in the body(A).

Benefits of Guava leaves in Relieve gum pain

Guava leaves are considered very good for oral health. If you have any problem or pain in the gums, then grind the leaves of guava and mix cloves and rock salt in it. Now mix some water and boil it. Now cool this water lightly and then gargle with it. This not only ends the problem of gums but also gets rid of bad odor coming from the mouth(E).

Benefits of Guava leaves in Rest in diarrhea

Diarrhea is a problem that, even though it seems common to see, but due to this, a person becomes very weak. For this, you need to make a decoction of guava leaves. To make the decoction, pour guava leaves in water. Also, add rice flour and boil it. Now filter this water and consume it. According to research, an extract of guava leaf can be beneficial in diarrhea. It can eliminate diarrhea problems caused by E.coli bacteria as well as control other problems caused by it. The reason for this is believed to be the anti-helminthic properties present in it, which helps to increase hemoglobin by eliminating all stomach-related problems(B).

Benefits of Guava leaves in Reduced weight

If you are upset with your extra weight and want to reduce it, juice of guava leaves can be consumed. This juice takes care of your heart along with reducing your weight. Guava leaves contain many bioactive compounds, which can inhibit the absorption of carbohydrates in your body. Also, they reduce the amount of sugar and calories in the body, which can help in reducing weight(C).

Benefits of Guava leaves in Diabetes

The phenolic compound present in guava leaves helps in controlling blood sugar levels. Reduction in lipids has also been reported by the consumption of guava leaves. Protein glycation can also be reduced by its intake, ie the level of sugar present in the body can be controlled. In such a situation, it can be said that guava leaves have anti-diabetic properties(D).

Benefits of Guava leaves in Sperm count

Sperm count can also be improved with the help of guava leaves. Also, guava leaves have been considered capable of increasing fertility. A study has revealed that the antioxidant properties present in guava leaves have a beneficial effect on sperm toxicity, which may help improve the fertility of men(F).

Benefits of Guava leaves in Cancer

Guava leaves are also found to have anti-cancer properties. If you drink a decoction made of 100 grams of guava leaves regularly, stomach and lung cancer can be avoided. Also, guava leaves can protect DNA and other cells from being damaged in cancer patients(G).

Benefits of Guava leaves in Bronchitis

Guava leaves can also be used for bronchitis. Actually, during bronchitis, there is burning and swelling in the trachea. In this case, the anti-inflammatory properties present in guava leaves protect you from diseases caused by asthma, attack, cough, and fungus as well as bronchitis (H). Drinking guava leaves does not cause you to cough again and again, which can give some relief in bronchitis.

Benefits of Guava leaves in Digestion

Guava leaves are also considered good for the digestive system. The antibacterial and antimicrobial activity present in it helps protect you from germs and other bacteria. Guava leaves make gastric enzymes that help in digestion and improve nutrients in the body. Guava leaves can also help reduce gastric ulcers. Actually, flavonoids present in guava leaves prevent stomach ulcers from increasing gastric pH.

Wounds and infections

Due to the medicinal properties present in guava leaves, they can also help in healing wounds. Indeed, the antimicrobial properties present in it help fight bacteria related to wounds and skin infections. This results in quick healing of the wound.

Benefits of Guava leaves for skin and hair

Treatment of acne and dark spots

Pimples and black spots on the skin often bother people. you’ll also use guava leaves to urge obviate them. It contains vitamin C, which removes the spots of your face, ie hyperpigmentation (I) (J). Also, the anti-inflammatory properties present in it cure your acne(K).

How to use:

  • Grind 10-12 leaves of guava with a couple of drops of water during a blender.
  • Now apply this paste to your face.
  • Wash the paste after it dries.
  • You can repeat this process daily.

Benefits of Guava leaves in Anti-aging

Guava leaves are used as a skin tonic. It helps relieve skin irritations (L). an outsized number of antioxidants are found in it (M). These protect your skin from free radicals, which cause premature wrinkles on your skin (N). It also contains vitamin C, which acts as anti-aging on the skin (O).

How to use:

  • First of all, put a couple of guava leaves and water in a jar to form its paste.
  • Now grind it during a blender.
  • You can apply this paste to your face daily.
  • Apart from this, you’ll also use it as a face toner.
  • You can also make a decoction by boiling guava leaves.
  • After it cools, apply it on the face with the assistance of cotton. After a while cleaning the face.

Benefits of Guava leaves in Blackheads

You can also use guava leaves to get rid of blackheads on your face. Guava leaves are often ground coarsely, scrubbed with its paste.

How to use:

  • Add guava leaves and a few glasses of water during a blender and grind them.
  • Grind it so that it remains coarse.
  • Now you’ll scrub it on the face within the morning and evening.

Benefits of Guava leaves in For falling hair

It is believed that guava leaves can convince be effective even for falling hair. many of us use their decoction to grow hair. Even in some products, it’s used (P).

How to use:

  • Prepare the decoction by boiling guava leaves in water.
  • After filtering this decoction, massage the hair.
  • Also, you’ll wash your hair with the decoction.

Benefits of Guava leaves in itching

Itching occurs on the skin when an infection occurs (Q). At an equivalent time, we’ve already mentioned within the article above that guava leaves have anti-infective effects, they will help prevent infection. during this case, you’ll get relief from itching on the skin using its paste.

How to use:

  • You can grind guava leaves with water as needed.
  • After its paste is prepared, apply it to the affected areas of itching.
  • This process is often repeated until the itching is cured.

Benefits of Guava leaves in Remove the pimples

Guava leaves take care of your health as well as your beauty. For example, if you have pimples and you are using expensive cream, then you can make a paste by grinding guava leaves and apply it to the affected area. Leave this paste overnight. By taking this remedy for a few days continuously, your pimples will soon be gone. Similarly, if you want to remove blackheads, then scrub the skin with guava leaves.

Use of guava leaves

You can use guava leaves for skin and health. you’ve got already known the advantages of the above guava leaves. Now, let’s mention the way to use guava leaves for these benefits.

  1. You can make and drink guava leaves.
  2. Guava is often wont to make tea.
  3. You can apply guava leaves on the skin by making a paste.
  4. You can use guava leaf paste mixed with oil.
  5. Guava leaves are often cooled after cooking and used as a face tonic.
  6. You can use it at any time.

Guava leaf Disadvantages

Guava leaves have very low medicinal properties thanks to their disadvantages. Just confine your mind that you simply don’t consume it in excessive amounts because an excessive amount of everything is harmful.

Guava leaves have a hypoglycemic effect, which helps in reducing the extent of hypertension (R). In such a situation, your high vital sign can reduce your vital sign excessively and you’ll feel weak.
It is not clear whether pregnant people can take it or not, so pregnant women should consult a doctor before taking it.

You have already examined the advantages of guava leaves. Now if it’s said that its leaves have more quality than guava, then it’ll not be wrong. you’ll include guava leaves in your daily routine with no hesitation, as guava leaves which are filled with nutritious elements have minimal damage. you’ll get health benefits from guava leaves using the methods given within the article. We hope that the knowledge given during this article will work for you. don’t forget to share this text with your friends and relatives.