Damiaplant advantages and disadvantages of Damiaplant

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Damiaplant advantages

Homeopathic medicine Damiaplant advantages(Schwabe) can be taken in male impotence (lack of erectile power, early ejaculation, sexual weakness, libido deficiency) and other related problems.

Damiaplant is mainly used for sexual dysfunction, impotence in men. Damiaplant can be beneficial in all types of conditions related to insufficient libido, impotence, sexual weakness, nervous exhaustion, weakness.

This medicine contains the Mother Tincture of Damiana (Damiana) Plant which is used for Sexual impotence, Insufficiency of sexual intercourse, Depression, Diuresis, Neurological weakness, Stress, and other conditions. Damiana is a wild tree that grows in Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies. Its leaves and stem are used to make medicine. It is mostly used to increase sexual desire (as an aphrodisiac). Damiana contains chemicals that can affect the brain and nervous system.

Ginseng works as an adaptogen for stress-related problems. It improves immunity, exercises the liver, stimulates vitality, works as restorative. It also treats impotence and premature ejaculation and improves sperm count. Ginseng lowers cholesterol, triglycerides with an increase in HDL.

Reviews of this medicine are very good. It is an effective homeopathic medicine. Homeopathic medicines do not have any side effects. Therefore, if there is a problem of early ejaculation, erection, then definitely try using it.


  1. Damiana Q 10%
  2. Ginseng Q 10%
  3. Agnus castus 2x 10%
  4. Nuphar lutea 2x 10%
  5. Muira Puama Q 10%
  6. Alcohol 66.0% v/v
  7. Excipients QS to 100%


  • It is available in liquid drop.
  • The cost of a 30 ml bottle is Rs 369.00.

In what diseases is Damiaplant used?

Damiaplant homeopathic medicine helps in the treatment of sexual weakness in men. It can give good results in a weak erection. It enhances libido.

Therapeutic uses of Damiaplant:

  1. Male Impotency
  2. erectile dysfunction
  3. premature ejaculation
  4. sexual weakness sexual weakness
  5. loss of libido
  6. It doesn’t have any side effects. Use it for a few months for effective results.

What is the dosage of Damiaplant?

Unless otherwise prescribed, 10-20 drops should be taken 3-4 times a day.

When should Damiaplant not be used?

It contains alcohol. Hence it is not suitable for patients with severe liver or alcohol problems.

Keep this medicine out of reach of children.

Who should take with caution?

Damiana can affect blood sugar levels in diabetes.

If you have diabetes, monitor your blood sugar carefully while using damiana.

Since damiana affects blood sugar levels. Stop using Damiana at least 2 weeks before and after scheduled surgery so that it does not interfere with blood glucose control before and after surgery.

What other drugs can Damiaplant interact with?

  1. Do not take it with allopathic medicine or any other medicine.
  2. No interactions between Damiaplant and other products are known.
  3. Stay on the safe side and keep a gap of at least one hour between other products and this medicine.

What are the side effects of Damiaplant?

It has no known side effects.

How to store Damiaplant?

Store the medicine exactly as directed. Keep it away from light and moisture. Keep the medicine in a dark, dry place.

  • Check the expiry date before consuming the medicine.
  • Dispose of bad medicine properly.
  • Keep the medicine out of sight and reach of children.
  • Damiaplant is available online.