Garbhasana: How to do Garbhasana and It’s Benefits

Jagdish Tandia

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An excited, angry, or dissatisfied mind has become a problem in today’s times. If you want to get rid of it then resort to Garbhasana. It is a yoga posture through which you can not only calm yourself but also balance the body and heal the digestive system.

Steps of Garbhasana

  1. Practice this asana in a cool and windy place. Put a mat on the ground and sit in Padmasana.
  2. Keep the spinal cord upright.
  3. Put both your hands between the thighs and the calves.
  4. Roll the elbows of both hands around the muscles of the calves. So that your hands can be folded easily.
  5. To balance the body on your hips, raise the legs with both hands while exhaling.
  6. Hold your left ear with your right hand.
  7. Similarly, hold your right ear with your left hand.
  8. In this case, it is possible to maintain balance while winning.
  9. Maintain normal breathing speed during asana.
  10. To get into a normal position, release the ears, and repeat the posture at least 3-4 times.
  11. While practicing this asana, you can focus your attention on the nasal forearms or natural breathing.

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Benefits of Garbhasana

  • Garbhasana yoga for women – This yoga practice is the solution to many problems related to women. Due to its regular practice, the child does not experience much pain at birth. It is also useful in women’s menstruation.
  • Garbhasana in digestion– It stimulates the gastric gland to function properly while massaging the stomach and thus aids in the digestion of food.
  • For Tantric Tantra – This asana strengthens Tantric Tantra.
  • To reduce anger – This asana is very useful for those people who are very angry. In this way, it is useful to calm your mind. With regular practice of this asana, you can control yourself and your body.
  • To increase blood circulation– Regular practice of this asana helps you to increase blood circulation.
  • To prevent old age – The practice of this asana can reduce the speed of old age.
  • Garbhasana Yoga for beauty– If you want to maintain the glow and beauty of your skin, then practice this asana regularly.
  • To remove weakness– 40 days after delivery, by practicing this asana, the weakness of the body starts to reduce.
  • To reduce constipation– its practice helps in reducing constipation. Garbhasana’s precautions

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Garbhasana’s precautions

  1. There are some things to keep in mind while doing Garbhasana.
  2. A pregnant woman should avoid doing this asana.
  3. Do not practice this asana if you have back pain.
  4. Even those who have knee pain should not do this asana.
  5. Garbhasana can be performed correctly only after continuous practice.