How to increase libido: Best Foods to increase libido in women

Jagdish Tandia


How to increase libido in women

Often, the way men are faced with problems regarding sex, in the same way, women also see a lack of desire for sex. In many women, it starts happening at a very early age that they do not have any special enthusiasm about sex. She hesitates to have sex. She starts making excuses and starts making distance from her partner. This is common after menopause, but it can be a bit troublesome to happen without menopause. But let’s know about how to increase libido in women.

This problem starts in women from the age of 30. There can be many reasons for this, such as doing too much physical work, being mentally disturbed, being too tired, not being happy with the partner, sexual pain is a common complaint in women of all ages and it includes pain in the vulva, with penetration Deep pain, or tightening of the pelvic musculature No fantasies about sex. In such a situation, there are medicines and some prescriptions for women to increase libido which can prove to be helpful.

Sexual problems in women are classified into four categories: sexual pain, low desire, low arousal, and orgasm. These closely reflect the DSM V classifications of FSDs, which include: genito-pelvic pain/penetration disorder (sexual pain), female sexual interest/arousal disorder (low desire and low arousal), and female orgasmic disorder (orgasmic dysfunction). ).

According to sex psychiatrists, fluctuations in sex drive are normal. Especially when women start getting older, their desire for sex decreases. However, some psychiatrists associate it with a medical condition and attribute it to an imbalance of chemicals in the brain.

Increase libido in women supplements

Some time ago there was no medicine available in India to deal with this kind of problem in women. Medicines to heat these girls were available abroad. Due to which the effect of the medicine lasts for 45 minutes and women are engaged in sexual arousal. But no such medicine was available in India. Due to which women had to face problems.

This problem is such that people or women are not able to talk to anyone with ease, not even their partner. But now the solution to this problem is available in many forms like medicines, home remedies, partner activities.

Medicines to increase libido

To warm the girl, a medicine comes on the market in the name of Pink Viagra. Earlier, it was only for men’s consumption, which is blue in the shape of a diamond. But now for women too, there is a drug in the market in the name of Pink Viagra, which works to heat women, that is, to increase sexual arousal in them. Scientists claim that after consuming this drug, women will be motivated for sex physically as well as mentally, this medicine has to be consumed about 3-4 hours before having sex. This medicine is smaller than aspirin, it is coated with mint.

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Flibanserin is the name given to Viagra. This drug was developed as an antidepressant. This medication works by balancing dopamine, noradrenaline, and serotonin in the brain. But when the clinical test of this drug was done, it was found that it is not having any effect on the mood, but the interest in sex has increased in the people who have taken this medicine. That’s why it was introduced for women troubled by sex-related problems.

Along with this, female Viagra has also been made by a British company and at the same time injections have also been manufactured to increase sexual arousal in women. Which women have to take 5 minutes before having sex and its effect lasts for 2 hours.

Foods that increase libido in women

There are also some diets to increase sexual arousal in girls, whose consumption is beneficial in removing sexual problems in them.

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Eating garlic also increases libido in women. This is the easiest home remedy. It naturally thins the blood. It also protects against high blood pressure. Garlic has anticoagulant properties, which increase blood flow to the genitals. Women who have sexual problems should consume garlic before the evening. With this, she can support her partner for a long time.

Apple for increase libido in women

Consumption of apples also helps in increasing libido in women. It is also helpful in enjoying sex for a long time. Antioxidants, flavonoids are found in apples, which accelerate the flow of blood to the private parts of women, thereby stimulating these organs in a natural way for sex. Apart from this, eating apples does not cause pain during sex.

Pomegranate juice

Juice of pomegranate works as a panacea in this type of problem. Pomegranate juice not only provides instant energy but also works to increase sexual arousal in both men or women. People who do not have sexual arousal should consume pomegranate juice daily. It is rich in antioxidants which prove to help increase blood flow.

Saffron to increase libido in women

Apart from pomegranate, saffron is such a thing that works very fast in increasing sexual arousal. To deal with this problem, women can drink saffron by adding it to milk. If desired, put two three strands of saffron in hot water and keep it. After that, you can eat it with rice.

Being together and giving is very important for any relationship. In such a situation, when both the partners are with each other and want to make a relationship, even then the consent and interest of both are necessary. In such a situation, some actions are done before making a relationship work like salt in the food for you, which helps your partner to keep the relationship for a long time and increase libido and support you properly, and enhances the taste of that relationship. There are some points found in the body that prepare your partner to support you well.

Ways to increase libido in women

Kissing on the forehead – Kissing on the forehead can increase libido in women immediately, just you should know the right way for it. All you have to do for this is that when you kiss your female friend on the forehead, keep your lips in one place for a while and keep kissing. And after a few seconds, you will understand for yourself how wonderful it can be to kiss on the forehead.

Neck – This is a very delicate part of our body. Whether it is a boy or a girl, this point is very sensitive for both. If you want to increase libido to your partner immediately, then nothing can be better than kissing on the neck with very light pressure, it will give you instant results. But keep in mind that do not try too hard because this is a very sensitive point on which the mistake made can cost you a lot.

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Moving fingers on the shoulders, on the waist, on the feet, massage, and kissing on the thumb increases blood flow in women and releases a hormone called oxytocin, due to which sexual arousal increases. Apart from this, massaging the head can also prove to be helpful in this matter. By doing this, oxytocin is released very quickly in the nerves of women and she immediately starts increasing libido. It is a very sensitive feeling, for this men need to work with a little patience and love.