Kidney Cancer: causes, types, symptoms, and treatment

Jagdish Tandia

Kidney Cancer

Friends, the kidneys are behind the abdominal organs on either side of our spine. The kidneys work to clean the blood. Today, cases of kidney cancer are increasing. One reason for this can also be to get the city scan done repeatedly. Today, in this article we will tell you the symptoms, types, causes of kidney cancer, and ways to avoid it. There is cancer called renal cell carcinoma in the elderly. Young children are more likely to develop kidney cancer called a villous tumor. There are two kidneys in our bodies.

kidney cancer

There are four types of kidney cancer.

  1. Renal cell’s carcinoma: It causes about 90% of kidney cancer cases. It arises from the lining of small tubes within the kidney.
  2. Transitional cell carcinoma: It causes 5 to 10 percent of kidney cancer cases. It is also known as urothelial carcinoma.
  3. Wilms’ tumor: This tumor is also known as nephroblastomas. It is commonly found in children.
  4. Renal sarcoma: It accounts for only one percent of kidney cancer cases. It is treated similarly to other sarcomas.

Causes of kidney cancer

Men are twice as likely to get renal cancer than women. Family history of the disease also doubles the risk, especially among siblings. Kidney disease also increases the risk of the advanced condition or prolonged dialysis.

  1. Cancer usually starts then. When DNA structure changes.
  2. Cells become uncontrolled due to transformation. Due to which tumor is formed.
  3. The risk is higher in older people.
  4. Long-term dialysis.
  5. Kidney cancers are more in men than in women.
  6. Smoking for a long time.
  7. High Blood Pressure.
  8. Obesity.

Symptoms Of kidney cancers

Many people do not know about cancer initially. But as the tumor grows, the following symptoms start appearing.

  • Body ache
  • Lose weight
  • Swelling of feet
  • breathlessness
  • Blood in urine
  • Abdominal distension
  • Loss of appetite
  • Coughing up blood
  • Bone pain

These symptoms are not necessarily only seen in the case of kidney cancers. This can happen to you for any other reason. Therefore, please consult your doctor.


Kidney cancer is treated to remove the tumor from the body. It is usually removed through surgery.

  • Conservative nephrectomy: Conservative nephrectomy does not remove the kidney. Only lymph nodes, tumors, and surrounding tissues are removed. It is also known as nephron-sparing.
  • Radical nephrectomy: In this, the kidney is removed from your body. Along with the kidney, some nearby lymph nodes are also removed. Radical nephrectomy can also remove the subcutaneous gland.
  • Some measures to avoid: There is no cure yet to get rid of kidney cancers. But we can reduce its risk in some ways. Don’t smoke. We should keep our bodies healthy. We should protect our body from being overweight. Because high blood pressure and obesity can also increase the risk of kidney cancers. Avoid exposure to harmful things at your place of work.