Uttanasana: Steps of doing Uttanasana and Benefits

Jagdish Tandia



Uttanasana is also one similar asana of yoga wisdom. Uttanasana is also called Violent Forward-Bending Disguise, Violent Stretch Pose, Standing Forward Bend, Standing Forward Fold Pose, or Standing Head to Knees Pose in English. This asana gives a good stretch to the whole body and also helps in adding the force of oxygen to the brain.
That’s why in this composition, in addition to what’s Uttanasana, I’ll give you information about the benefits of Uttanasana, the right way to do Uttanasana, system, and preventives.

Steps of doing Uttanasana

  • Stand straight and keep your hands by the side of your body.
  • While exhaling bend from the hipsterism joints, taking care not to bend from the midriff joints. Exhale while bending down.
  • Remember that like all forward bending asanas, the purpose of Uttanasana is to outstretch the torso. However, also hang on, If you’re flexible enough to put your fritters or win on the ground. However, also don’t try to do it forcefully because doing so can injure your hamstrings If you can not do this.
  • In such a situation, cross your forearms and take your elbows. While in the posture, don’t stop breathing at all.
  • When gobbling, lift the torso slightly and try to outstretch it. When you exhale, try to lean forward more deeply.
  • In total, breathe by and out five times so that you can stay in the asana for 30 to 60 seconds. Gradationally, as the strength and inflexibility in your body start adding, you can increase the time, don’t exceed 90 seconds.
  • Try to keep your reverse straight. Keep the legs straight. Let your head hang comfortably so that your neck muscles aren’t stressed. Breathe in while bringing the torso up. Keep in mind that you keep your reverse straight and come back over only from your hipsterism joints.


Calms the brain and helps relieve stress and mild depression.
Helps in the better functioning of the liver and feathers.
Creates necessary pressure in the hamstrings, pins, and hips.
Strengthens shanks and knees.
Helps in reducing the symptoms of menopause.