Yoga Mudrasana

Jagdish Tandia

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Yoga Mudrasana

When Yoga Mudrasana is well-proven, then Kundalini’s power is awakened. Stomach gas disease is cured. All the complaints of the stomach and intestines are removed. Liver, lungs, etc. remain in place. The heart becomes strong. Blood disorders are removed. Leprosy and sexual disorders are destroyed. If the stomach is big then it gets buried inside. The body becomes strong. Mental power increases. The abdomen becomes strong with Yoga Mudrasana. Helps the abdominal organs to stay in place. The nervous system and especially the Nadi-Mandal of the waist get strength.

Generally in this posture, where the heels are there, there are organs of constipation. Due to pressure on them, there is excitement in the intestines. Old constipation is removed. Constipation due to amputation of the organs also gets destroyed by the organ being re-located in its place. Yoga Mudrasana is very beneficial in the weakness of metal.

Yoga Mudrasana Steps

Putting Padmasana, take both the hands behind the back. Grab the wrist of the right hand with the left hand. Pull both the hands and take them to the meeting place of the waist and spine. Now do Kumbhak by doing laxatives. Holding the breath, bend the body forward, and lie down on the ground. Then slowly raise the head and straighten the body again and do the inhalation. In the beginning, if this posture is difficult, then do it sitting in Sukhasan or Siddhasana. The full benefit is achieved only by sitting in Padmasana.

If you do this asana to cure astigmatism of the organs of the digestive system, then do it only for five to ten seconds, three to five times in a sitting. Generally, this asana should be done for three minutes. If you do Yoga Mudrasana for a spiritual purpose, then increase the duration of time according to your interest and strength.