Vagina tightening: Natural ways to vagina tightening

Jagdish Tandia


You must have heard about many ways to vagina tightening. But do not forget that your lady bits are a shape-shifting organ. this suggests your vagina can stretch, relax, and tone itself on its own. most girls have to face the problem of reduced vaginal dryness or elasticity as they age. However, some vaginal tightening yoga, exercises, and herbal can help in improving its shape efficiently. Workouts are one of the safest ways to tighten the vagina, which may tone muscles loosened due to childbirth, menopause, or age.

Causes of vaginal looseness

Vaginal looseness comes for several reasons, including sexual intercourse, parturition to a baby, affected by menopause, having sex with multiple partners, etc. Vaginal looseness affects the lifetime of women in many ways. Women lose their confidence thanks to the looseness of the vagina because men do not show much interest or romance during sex.

What are the advantages of vagina tightening?

Vaginal tightening not only increases pleasure but also increases the chances of a second pregnancy. a number of the benefits of vaginal tightening are as follows:

  • Improves vaginal symptoms
  • reduces vaginal dryness
  • Cures stress enuresis (SUI)
  • Increases lubrication
  • A decline in recurrent infections, like bacterial vaginosis (BV) – bacterial vaginosis (BV)
  • improve vaginal flexibility
  • enhances pleasure

Abnormal vaginal discharge causes

Some simple exercises for vagina tightening


Kegel Exercise for Vagina tightening

Kegel exercises are one of the most effective ways to vagina tightening. It involves a tightening and loosening movement. The action of engaging the pelvic floor muscles, holding and releasing for 5-10 seconds is understood as the Kegel exercise. this is often repeated 5-10 times in a row, this could be done several times per day. Due to this, the lower pelvic muscles get stronger, which helps in the vagina tightening.


Squats Exercise for Vagina tightening

Squats exercise is beneficial for toning the pelvic region and tightening the vaginal muscles. In this, stretch the legs and stand with the hips straight, and bend the knees in such how that you are sitting on a bench. represent a few moments before sitting again.


Pelvic Stretching for Vagina tightening

Pelvic stretching can help strengthen the pelvic muscles. the simplest way to do a pelvic stretch is to sit on the edge of a chair, stretch your legs, bend at your ankles and extend your arms. The pelvic region should be extended inward. consistent with Dr. Sabharwal, this is often one of the most effective exercises to tighten the vagina and strengthen the vaginal muscles.


Leg-up Exercise for Vagina tightening

Elevating the legs against the wall may be a great exercise to tighten the vagina and develop pelvic muscle strength. Stretch the abdominal muscles and while lying on your back on the ground, slowly raise the legs one after the opposite. this may help to work the pelvic floor muscles and keep them tight.


Medicine ball sit-ups

Medicine ball sit-ups are an advanced way to tighten the vagina which also helps in getting a flat belly. within the exercise, sit on your knees, place your feet on the ground, and support your back against the wall.

Pelvic tilt exercise

Vaginal muscles also can be strengthened with this exercise for pelvic tightening. Rest your shoulders and back against a wall Standing together with your knees relaxed, pull your bellybutton in toward your spine, your back flat against the wall. Tighten for 4 seconds then release the belly button. to figure out the pelvic muscles, it’s ideal to do one set of 10 reps.

Yoga to tighten the vagina

The vagina doesn’t have to be loose only after delivery, the vagina is often loose even during a physical relationship. In such a situation, by doing these yoga asanas regularly, you’ll tighten your vagina and make its muscles strong. In the beginning, you ought to do these yoga asanas only under the advice and supervision of an expert.

Balasana for Vagina tightening


Balasana is understood as Child’s Pose. Its regular practice helps in tightening the loose vagina or vagina of girls. Balasana helps to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic area. Doing this daily gives peace to the mind and mind. Also, it creates a stretch within the thighs and hips. It also strengthens the muscles of the arms, legs, and back.

Balasana Steps

  • To do yoga Balasana, first of all, take a yoga mat and spread it in a peaceful environment. Sit on this in Vajrasana (with knee bent backward).
  • Keep your waist and spine straight.
  • Taking a deep breath, raise both your hands above your head.
  • Now while exhaling slowly, bring the hands and therefore the upper part of the waist forward or down. During this, your head and both hands should touch the bottom.
  • After staying in this position for 30 seconds, come to the traditional position or Vajrasana.
  • You can repeat this process 3 to 5 times daily.

Salabhasana for Vagina tightening


Shalabhasana is additionally known as Locust Pose or Locust Pose. the form of the body in this posture looks like a grasshopper. By doing Shalabhasana, you’ll maintain your vaginal health. If the vagina is loose after delivery, if it’s practiced regularly, then it is often brought back into shape. It helps in removing problems associated with the uterus. aside from this, doing Shalabhasana provides great relief from back and back pain.

Salabhasana Steps

  • First of all, choose a peaceful place to perform Shalabhasan. Then place a yoga mat on this place and Lie down comfortably on the mat on your stomach.
  • Keep both the feet and toes approximate.
  • Place both your palms under both thighs. The palms should be facing down.
  • Now attempt to raise your legs while taking a long deep breath.
  • Breathe in and out of this state. You stay in this position for 10 to 30 seconds then slowly bring the legs down and relax.
  • You can repeat this process 3 to 5 times.

Setu Bandhasana for Vagina tightening

In Setubandhasana, the body seems like a bridge. Hence it’s also known as Bridge Pose. it’s done lying on the back. With regular practice of this asana, the muscles of the pelvic area become strong and therefore the vagina or vagina gradually starts coming in the right shape. Setubandhasana may be a great yoga asana to get relief from thyroid, and depression. It also cures the matter of back pain. aside from this, this asana helps strengthen the muscles of the rear, legs, and hands.

Setu Bandhasanas Steps

  • To do this asana, first of all, lie on your back on a yoga mat.
  • Bend both your knees and place your soles on the bottom.
  • Grab both ankles with both your palms.
  • Now while taking long deep breaths, slowly attempt to raise the waist, hips, and thighs.
  • Stay in this position for 20-30 seconds.
  • After this, slowly exhale and are available back to the normal position.
  • You can also do this process 3 to 5 times.

Ustrasana to Vagina tightening


In Ustrasana, the body seems like a camel. In this, Ushtra means camel. That’s why it’s called Ustrasana. By the practice of this asana, the vagina or vagina that becomes loose after the delivery of girls can be tightened. this is often a yoga asana performed on the knees, whose regular practice provides many benefits to health. Ustrasana is extremely beneficial to calm anger. aside from this, it gives relief to the matter of back pain and neck pain. together with this, doing Ustrasana is useful for the strength of the lungs and also for diabetic patients.

Ustrasana Steps

  • To do this asana, sit within the most Vajrasana.
  • Keep both the thighs and feet approximate.
  • Now stand on your knees.
  • Breathe in and bend backward. don’t let the jerk hit the neck while bending.
  • Place both your palms on both ankles.
  • In this position, your head is going to be tilted backward and breathe in and out slowly in this state.
  • Stay during this state according to your ability and then gradually come back to normal.
  • This process is often repeated 3 to 5 times.


If you’ve got recently delivered, then roll in the hay only on the advice of a doctor or specialist.
Those with a cesarean delivery should do any yoga only on the advice of an expert.
Avoid doing this yoga posture if there’s pain in any part of the body.
You can also do these yoga asanas to keep your vagina healthy.

Herbal and home remedies to tighten the vagina


Vagina tightening with Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a very good home remedy to tighten the walls of the vagina. Fresh aloe vera gel helps to strengthen the muscles of the vagina. Take a stalk of aloe vera and extract the gel from it. Apply two spoons of fresh gel daily on the inner and outer parts of the vagina. Massage the skin of the affected area. The regenerative properties found in aloe vera effectively strengthen the muscles present in that area by preventing the loosening of the vaginal wall.

Vagina tightening with Gooseberry


Indian gooseberry in particular is considered to be the best natural remedy for tightening the walls of the vagina. Amla is also beneficial for skin, hair, and health. Take 10-12 gooseberries and boil them. Its elements will mix with water. Fill this extract in a bottle and keep it in a dry place. Apply this mixture to your vaginal area before taking a bath. By doing this daily, your vaginal muscles tighten and become flexible.

Vagina tightening with Curcuma Comosa

Vagina tightening with Curcuma Comosa

It is a plant like ginger which has an amazing effect on the vagina. Regular use of Curcuma Comosa prevents the dilation of the vaginal wall and also helps in reducing many other vaginal problems. Extract the juice from the root of Curcuma Comosa and apply it on your genitals with gentle hands. You will see better results within a month.

Trifoliate yam for Vagina tightening


Wild yam is extremely popular for breast enlargement and vaginal looseness. Phytoestrogens present in the extract of the roots of this plant stimulate the process of tissue regeneration in the pelvic and genital areas. Applying this extract to the walls of the vagina strengthens them.

Witch hazel for Vagina tightening


It is the juice extracted from the leaves and bark of the hazel plant. Witch hazel is considered an effective home remedy for vaginal looseness. First, grind the dry bark into a powder form. Then mix it with water and make a solution. Clean your genitals with its help once a week. Due to its contractile properties, witch hazel is effective in relieving vaginal laxity.

Nutmeg (Manjakani)


Nutmeg (Manjakani) is originally a Thai herb that is widely practiced for vaginal tightening. It contains tannins, phytoestrogens, and contractile properties derived from the bark of the tree which work together on the vaginal muscles and makes them more flexible. For better results, apply the apricot extract to the vaginal area daily before taking a bath.

Black cohosh to Vagina tightening

Black cohosh to Vagina tightening

Black cohosh is also a type of plant that provides some degree of toning (tightening) of the vagina. It contains high levels of phytoestrogens which play an important role in strengthening the vaginal muscles. Make an extract from the water of this plant and apply it to your genitals daily. This method of tightening the vagina is considered useful for women above 40 years of age.

You may not get many benefits from adopting these home remedies as each remedy may not be equally effective on every woman’s body. If this happens, you can consult a doctor or try some other proven exercises like Kegel exercises (to work on the muscles of the pelvic area), vaginal tightening products, etc.