Yoga Siddhasana: How to do Siddhasana and Its Benefits

Jagdish Tandia

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What is Siddhasana?

Siddhasana has great importance in the world of yoga. Among the 84 lakh asanas, Siddhasana has been placed in the best possible posture. This easily leads you to attain salvation. Doing this in the right heart and right way leads you to attain supernatural abilities.

How to do Yoga Siddhasana

Yoga Siddhasana: Between the anus and testes on the right leg of the right leg on the part of the penis, sit firmly on the heel of the left foot on the bone of the genital region.

  • Mix both hands’ middle finger and thumb with the thighs behind the paws (hands).
  • Keep the back (spine) in a straight and stagnant position.
  • Place head, neck, and spinal (spine) in the same straight line.
  • Keep the eye downwards and bow down to the neck such that the chin (beard) touches the bottom of the throat.

Benefits of Yoga Siddhasana:

Here some important advantages of Siddhasana are mentioned.

  • Helps in attaining celibacy: The practice of this asana helps in ending sexuality and helps in attaining celibacy.
  • Kundalini Jagran Yoga: This asana, while giving mental stagnation, ensures the flow of life from the microcosm and helps in Kundalini awakening.
  • In the purification of the nerves: Regular practice of this asana purifies all the nerves of the body and brings freshness to the whole body. The impurities of 72 thousand plus can be removed by practicing this asana.
  • Siddhasana for meditation: This asana is the best posture for meditation and also plays a big role in concentrating your mind.
  • To sharpen the mind: Regular practice of this asana makes the mind sharp. Therefore, it is a great yoga practice for students and students.
  • Beneficial for digestion: It accelerates your gastritis, and helps regulate digestion.
  • Beneficial for semen: This asana protects semen. Those who have complained of dreaming should practice this asana. And cures sexual diseases.
  • Siddhasana in piles: Regular practice of Siddhasana can be controlled to a large extent in piles.
  • Kumbhak posture: Due to the regular practice of this asana, Kumbhak starts easily.