Dandasana Steps: Benefits of doing Dandasana

Jagdish Tandia

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There are numerous benefits of doing yoga. This is the reason why everyone is advised to include it in their diurnal routine. It’s considered salutary not only for physical health but also for internal health. In this composition of Stylecrase, we’ve brought information about one similar yoga, which is known as Dandasana. Then we will tell you how to do Dandasana as well as the benefits of Dandasana.

What’s Dandasana?

Dandasana is made by joining two words, in which the first word is danda i.e. stick and the alternate word can be called asana i.e. pose or posture. It’s also known as Staff Pose in English. This asana helps in achieving the introductory posture needed for the practice of other seated yoga acts. Dandasana can be considered as the base of all the sitting postures. This is a practice that can help prepare the body for asanas.

Do this asana before doing Dandasana

It’s believed that these asanas should be done before performing Dandasana. This can be of great help in performing Dandasana.

  1. Parsvottanasana
  2. Raised hand padangusthasana
  3. Semi-bound padmottasana
  4. Utkatasana
  5. Virabhadrasana 1
  6. Virabhadrasana 2

Dandasana Steps

  • To get the benefits of Dandasana, one should know how to do Staff Pose. Below we’re going to tell them how to do Staff Pose step by step.
  • To do Dandasana, first lay the yoga mat.
  • After this, spread both the legs in front of the body and keep them close to each other.
  • The toes of both bases should be drawn and fraudulent towards the body.
  • After this, press the shanks and heels into the bottom.
  • Also keep both the hands straight and triumphs on the ground.
  • Keep the chine and neck straight.
  • Lift the casket and pull the shoulders in slightly to stretch the collarbone.
  • Look forward and breathe typically.
  • Keep doing this Dandasana for 20 seconds to a nanosecond. You can also do this asana according to your capability, there’s no detriment in it.

Benefits of doing Dandasana

It’s believed that doing Staff Pose can have numerous health benefits. Then we’re going about the same benefits in a successful manner. So let’s know the benefits of Dandasana Aids in making the chine flexible.
The part of the spinal cord in our body is veritably important. Without it, it can be delicate for anyone to sit, walk, etc. This can help strengthen the reverse. The posture of Staff Pose can be seated, so it can be assumed that this easy reverse can help make the chine strong and flexible.

Salutary in strengthening the reverse muscles.

It’s believed that Dandasana can be salutary in strengthening the reverse muscles. Actually, for people who work by bending or sitting on a president for a long time, there’s a pain in the reverse muscles, which can lead to numerous problems. In such a situation, rehearsing Dandasana can prove salutary to make them strong.

Sciatica pain relief.

In the problem of sciatica, pain starts feeling in the lower part of the body similar to bases, shanks, ankles. To get relief from this problem, performing Dandasana can be considered salutary. This Yogasana can strengthen the muscles of the inner shanks and hips by stretching them. It can also give relief from sciatica pain.

Help calm the mind

Like all other yoga acts, this asana can also prove to help keep the mind calm. Regular practice of this mudra is believed to reduce the stress hormone cortisol, which can help calm the mind and help concentrate.

Aids in adding digestion power

Yoga can be helpful in numerous types of minor problems. One of them is the problem of digestion, in which Staff Pose can be helpful. It’s believed that regular practice of Dandasana can give relief from digestive problems.

Strain the shoulders

People who do office work for a long time frequently start having shoulder pain problems. In such a situation, Dandasana can be rehearsed to get relief from this problem as well. It’s said that by doing Staff Pose, there’s a stretch in the shoulder, which can reduce the problem of pain.

Preventives while performing Staff Pose

We’ve formerly told above how to do Dandasana, but while doing Staff Pose, some effects must be kept in mind, which we’re going to tell in detail below.

Avoid doing this mudra if one is suffering from a serious injury to the wrist, shoulder, or hand.
Still, also don’t do this asana, If there’s a serious problem or pain in the lower reverse.
Don’t force further than your physical capacity while doing any asana.

Yoga is a great way to stay healthy. Doing this not only calms the mind but can also get relieved all the problems. In such a situation, take the benefits of Dandasana by espousing the system mentioned in the composition. Along with calming the mind, it can also profit the respiratory system. Just keep taking the help of colorful Yogasanas to stay healthy. However, also do this yoga only after reading the way and preventives to do Dandasana in the composition, If you want to do Dandasana.