Chair yoga: How to do Chair yoga, and its advantages

Jagdish Tandia

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is done by posing like a chair sitting on the chair. That is, you can do it without a chair too. It should be like sitting in the chair of your body. Chair Yoga is very useful for those who work for hours in the office. Due to working for several hours continuously, idle in the person starts to feel lazy.

For those, chair yoga is very beneficial, most of which is spent on the office chair. By using a chair, man can find energy in a few minutes. The most beneficial aspect of chair yoga is that it can be done anywhere.

Apart from this, chair yoga is also beneficial for people who can not do yoga by sitting on the ground. By doing the posture of this yoga, you can get rid of many diseases. So friends come and take the information about the methods and advantages of the chairs, through this article.

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First Stape of Chair Yoga

Sit upright on the chair. Now keep your right foot on the left foot. Now place your left hand below the knee of the left leg. Taking a deep breath, place your left hand on the head. Now press the head towards the right hand. Perform this action with the right hand. Repeat this action 3 to 5 times.

Benefits of this posture

By doing this chair yoga, the pain and strain of the spinal cord end. This yoga relaxes the nervous system. Chair Yoga has many benefits. This posture can be done at any time to reduce the stress and pain of the body with less time and work. It is very beneficial to practice this posture for those who work for long hours in the office.

Sesond Stape of Chair Yoga

First sitting on the chair, take your right hand over the head. Take a deep breath and relax. Put the left hand on the waist and put pressure on it. Take the right hand towards the left hand while exhaling the breath. In this situation, breathe 3 to 5 times deep. After that come to the normal position. If there is pain in the right rib, then do this action with the left hand.

Benefits of this posture

This action gives relief to the chest, shoulder, spinal cord. This yoga stimulates the nervous system, by which energy is transmitted in the body. 

Third Stape of Chair Yoga

First, sit down on the chair and sit down. After that, pulling the breath inward, take the hands forward in front of your ears and grip it tightly. Put your shoulders in the opposite direction of each other. The pressure should be so that your shoulders and chest feel stretch. Repeat this verb at least 5 times Keep in mind that inhale the breath out in-depth.

Benefits of this posture

Hands get relief. The pain of the neck ends. Blood circulation increases in the head, throat, and hands. This gives relief to the fingerprints of those who constantly work on computers.