Importance of yoga in modern lifestyle | health benefits of yoga

Jagdish Tandia


Importance of yoga

Importance of Yoga in Modern Lifestyle, Due to adopting an economical and hectic modern lifestyle, today’s human being lives unintentionally under pressure and stress, restlessness, chaos, diseased, insomnia, despair, failure, work, anger, greed, attachment, ego, jealousy, and many painful situations. obliged to survive. Along with water, air, noise, and food pollution, he has also become a victim of negative maladies. As a result, along with many physical ailments, mental imbalance, worries, sadness, emptiness, and malicious thoughts surround him. His peace of mind is disturbed but our Indian mythological yoga system can help to face these situations firmly. To Know about Importance of yoga in modern lifestyle

The fact is that the main aim of human existence is only Yoga. He was born to live in yoga. If yoga practice is made an integral part of one’s life, then it gives assurance of recovery of lost state power of man and again teaches the art of living life with eternal truth. Yoga itself is the whole science of life. Yoga gives us freedom from all our physical, mental, and emotional sufferings and diseases. It is committed to fulfillment and unending bliss.

Religious importance is included in Yoga Lord Krishna himself defines yoga in the Srimad Bhagavad Gita in the fiftieth verse of the second chapter – “Yoga: Karmasu Kaushalam” meaning the name of the skill of actions is yoga. It has been explained in Maharishi Patanjali’s Yoga-Darshan. “Yogashchitra Vritti Nirodha” is the control of pictures. Yoga practitioner becomes established in one’s form Yoga is another name for discipline. Ashtanga Yoga of Maharishi Patanjali gives the inspiration to control the mind for spiritual growth along with material progress. Yoga is life and enjoyment is death.

Main parts of yoga

The main eight parts of yoga are Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi.
The five Yamas are non-violence, truth, Asteya, celibacy, and aparigraha.
The five rules are – Shaucha, contentment, austerity, self-study, and Ishvara Pranidhan.
After Yama and Niyama, Ashtanga Yoga is the third part – Asana.

Asana stablesukhmasanam.

Asana is the name of sitting peacefully. According to his ability, how a seeker can sit comfortably for a long time without any pain without moving, that same posture is suitable for him. Apart from this, the name of the seat on which the instrument is performed is also asana. While sitting, the head, throat, and spine should be straight and stable.

After attainment of posture, the body is not affected by the conflicts like cold, heat, etc., the body gets the power to bear them all without any kind of pain. Those conflicts cannot disturb the means by disturbing the mind. Asana is the physical posture in which the stability of the body increases, the mind gets happiness and peace and by the accomplishment of the asanas purification of the nerves, growth of health, energy of the body, and progress in spirituality.

The body made up of the five elements

Sky, air, fire, water, and earth are always healthy by practicing asanas. Inner powers are awakened. All the chakras are opened. Concentration is established in the mind. Due to the increase of power, the capacity of the seeker increases. The practice of asanas plays an important role in the all-around development of life and success in every task. Many times in life many problems arise due to unfavorable circumstances. Sadhak gets the power to face them.

Importance of yoga in modern lifestyle For better health

Today man has enough time for all the work and if there is no time then what kind of busy work for himself which creates a high-stress situation and as a result invites terrible diseases. If we take half to one hour time for ourselves in the morning Brahma Bela according to our physical capacity for the service of our body, then there will be many benefits. The body is the best tool for meditation. Someone has rightly said – where there is life, it is there. Goswami Tulsidas ji has also described in Ramcharitmanas – the first happiness and healthy body.

With the regular practice of Yogasanas, there will be continuous progress in the health level and there will be no need for the body to become ill. This time should be devoted to Yogasanas. Men, women, and children of all ages can happily do it. Only a determination is needed. Once a good habit of yoga practice is formed, then all the work of the world will be left behind, but the practice of yoga will not be left behind.

Health benefits of yoga

The benefits of some simple asanas are as follows-

Padmasana- Importance of Yoga in Modern Lifestyle

Eliminates excess fat, Balances body weight, Divine meditation in Jnana mudra, Flexibility in the thighs, Freedom from laziness and constipation, Strengthens digestion. Also, Read- how to do Lotus pose

Yoga Mudra

Obesity is removed, freedom from all stomach disorders, the spinal cord is strengthened.

Tulasana- Importance of Yoga in Modern Lifestyle

Feeling of lightness in the body, body flexible, whole body balanced

Importance of Yoga Ardha Chandrasana

Digestive system functioning smoothly, stomach disorders removed, flexibility in the spine, freedom from karma pain. Also, Read- Steps of Ardhachandrasana

Importance of Yoga Trikonasana

Digestive system strengthened, liver and clams gland affected

Sun salutation- Importance of Yoga in Modern Lifestyle

12 different mudras have many benefits. Every external and internal organ of the body is affected, the spine is strong, the leg is flexible, the digestive system and the nervous system are strong, freedom from low blood pressure. Also, Read- Steps of Sun salutation


A state of complete relaxation, relief from stress, calm mind, feeling of bliss, exhaustion from exhaustion, freedom from high blood pressure

Importance of Yoga in Modern Lifestyle- Tadasana

freedom from laziness, energy in the body, helpful in increasing the height of children, keeping the navel in its place, smooth blood circulation, relief from back and back pain, spine, knees, ankles, buttocks, stomach, shoulders, hands to be strong

Boat Asana

Flexibility in the spine, shoulders, back, extremities, invigorating, freedom from obesity

Importance of Yoga Chakrasana

Flexibility in the waist, freedom from obesity, energy in the hands and feet. Also, Read- How to do yoga Chakrasana


Blood circulation near the genitals, Leg pain relief, Joint pain relief


Strength in hands and legs, flexible spine, strong shoulders, strengthened digestive system, feeling good appetite, freedom from obesity, body flexible

Importance of Yoga Angleasana

Beneficial in the creation of cervical, suppleness in the waist, arms and legs, shoulders strong, freedom from constipation


Strengthens shoulders and knees strengthen the ligaments, mental balance strengthens the spine

Vajra Asana

The stomach should be empty for all the asanas. But after eating this asana, there is a lot of benefit from the digestive system, strong spinal cord, straight back and shoulders pain away, mental balance, mind in God meditation.

Usha Asana

Stability in thought process, control of beneficial in the mind, strengthens the chest muscles, flexibility in the spine, removes excess fat from the digestive system, improves the functioning of the lungs

Supta Vajravasana

No pain in knees, shoulders, and waist, navel in its place, increase in the activity of the anus, mental balance, freedom from obesity

Shashank Asana

Strengthening the Nadi Institute, Relaxation, Beneficial in Mercy disease, Mental calm, Kodhra, Renunciation of jealousy and ego, Surrender to God

Relaxed Asanas

Relaxation, Deep Sleep, Anxious mind, Relief from stress

Sarp Asana

Removes obesity, strengthens the digestive system, feels good appetite, makes the body flexible

Importance of Yoga Bhujangasana

Neck and spine strong and flexible, beneficial in the functions of kidneys, liver, uterus, stomach, lungs, heart, and thyroid, relieves back pain, flexibility in the body, beneficial in the throat. Also, Read- How to do Bhujangasana

Importance of Yoga Shalabhasana

Relief from obesity, high blood pressure, and heart disease, strengthens the spine, strengthens the nervous system, increases the activity of the lungs

Importance of Yoga Dhanurasana

Strengthens the kidneys, back, and buttocks. Enhancement of metabolism and vitality Spines strong and flexible, lungs heart kidney, liver, intestines, spleen, and stomach all benefiting fast digestive system on the face Active release of excess fat. Also, Read- How to do Dhanurasana

Importance of Yoga Halasana

Strengthening the nervous system, flexible spine, benefiting the thyroid gland, reducing obesity, smooth blood circulation. Also, Read- How to do Halasana

Importance of Yoga Upasana

Digestive system strong, freedom from obesity, hands, and feet are strong, the navel strengthens the nervous system in its place.


Strengthens the kidneys, liver, and intestines, relieves dyspepsia and constipation, removes stiffness in the legs and back and increases the flexibility of the spine, relaxes the back, strengthens disc slip in knees, buttocks, and spine. Remove all diseases of the stomach, reduce obesity, get rid of high blood pressure and heart disease, affect the nervous system

Udar-Pawan Muktasana

Strengthens the heart and lungs, relieves gas and acidity, removes all diseases of the stomach, blood circulation, suppleness in the neck

Sarvanga Asana

Increases the activity of thyroid and pituitary glands, relieves fatigue, relieves depression, benefits neck, eyes, ears, lungs, the blood supply to neck and head, increases brain activity, spinal flexion

Importance of Yoga in Modern Lifestyle Ashtanga Yoga

The remaining four limbs of Ashtanga Yoga are as follows


Means holding such beliefs by which the desired state can be achieved These conditions are happiness, health, happiness, peace, contentment, fulfillment, happiness which are addressed with spiritual wealth. Man is the creator of his own destiny.


When the senses are unconnected with their objects, it is pratyahara to resemble the form of the mind. Pratyahara is the name of merging in the mind by covering the external tendencies of the senses. It controls the senses.


After ending the restlessness of the mind and entering into concentration, the name of the present art of life is meditation. With care all work is successful. The meaning of life is only when we make it joyful, peaceful, musical, melodious and light. All physical diseases and mental stress are removed by meditation. The notes of sweetness and harmony resonate with the life veena. All kinds of impulses and passions are quelled. The excitement ends. It is only through meditation that samadhi reaches the peak of spiritual excellence. The seeker needs to be honest, loyal, and passionate.


When in meditation there is only the realization of the mind and the individual form of the mind becomes zero, then that is where the meditation becomes samadhi. We should thank the Almighty God in abundance for being the beneficiary of God to experience truth, consciousness, and bliss.

Therefore, it is our duty and responsibility to keep the body and mind completely healthy by taking refuge in yoga on a scientific basis.